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POTD: 30th of January, 2015

One of the better days I have had in a while. Many activities, no rain nor annoying wind! Ready to end the vacation and start the studies in a couple a days! ^^


POTD: 28th of January, 2015

I have definitely seen better days than this rain and wind madness.. At least a good day for a study session, no pretty skies to take away the attention.


POTD: 27th of January, 2015

Walked to the university through the city centre and then decided to travel all the way to the seaside to clean out my head. Love the beach in The Hague so much, helps to relax every time. 7 more words


POTD: 26th of January, 2015

An afternoon spent drinking coffee at Starbucks while sorting and editing the Lithuanian part of the Document Your Life video. I am going to get used to working at this place very soon. ^^


POTD: 23rd of January, 2015

Blurry evening walks around the town. Canals and street lights. And cold, so so cold…


POTD: 22nd of January, 2015

The day was way more awesome than I could capture in pictures. I met several good friends, spent the whole afternoon/evening in the city, yet did not take photos during the meetings. 38 more words