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Why do Adults Hide their Smoking Habits from their Parents?

A Bowl with the Boys:

As Jeff Sessions is on his way out, Cannabis is on its way to be fully legalized. Twenty nine out of the fifty US States have legalized at least medical grade marijuana. 741 more words


Mercury, other potent ingredients found in 18 recalled beauty products

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: Eighteen beauty products found to contain potent undeclared ingredients, including high levels of mercury, have been recalled by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). 463 more words

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Potent malware that hid for six years spread through routers

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Researchers have discovered malware so stealthy it remained hidden for six years despite infecting at least 100 computers worldwide.

Slingshot—which gets its name from text found inside some of the recovered malware samples—is among the most advanced attack platforms ever discovered, which means it was likely developed on behalf of a well-resourced country, researchers with Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab reported Friday. 774 more words


Why I Advocate for doTERRA

What is doTERRA?

doTERRA is a company that is passionate about essential oils. They offer high quality pure essential oils and related items.

How I discovered it: 566 more words


Use This Simple but Potent Social Media Strategy to Reach More Clients

In many ways, social media has revolutionized the way in which attorneys are able to reach their clients. It provides a framework to establish a one-on-one type of connection that was nearly impossible in the past. 44 more words

LinkedIn Marketing: Tapping into an Underutilized Yet Potent Network

When you think about social media for lawyers in 2018, the first networks that probably come to mind are Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. After all, they re the biggest and receive the bulk of our attention. 43 more words