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the time I kicked someone out

Before I worked where I work now, I worked at another property on the same street that is a smaller independently owned property with 72 rooms. 599 more words


I am tired, and I am happy. I am achy and suffering my daily dose of some undetermined headache (no surprise there), and still, I am functioning, just barely. 126 more words


55. Double Decker Pressure-Cooking

Most of us are always keen on learning new cooking short-cuts, that will save on dishes and time in the kitchen. If you already own a pressure cooker then I hope that what I’m about to share with you today will be something life changing! 451 more words


54. What Are Pot-Heads?

The other day I came across someone mentioning this growing breed of pressure cooker ‘pot-heads’ that are steadily increasing. I had to check it out via internet and wow!!! 1,241 more words


Second Date

A bar down James Street
that we looked for that after noon
hidden between galleries
and vendors
and the confusion of passing This Ain’t Hollywood… 112 more words

Taking the High Road

Seasons Greetings and Salutations from South America, gentle friends!

Do you recall how I said, way back at the beginning of this sojourn of mine, that I was going to get myself admitted to the Travelers’ Century Club, if it is the last thing I do? 2,758 more words

Weird Stuff

Everybody's Truckin' - The Hopped Up History of Smokey Wood, The Hillbilly Hipster of Houston

By Tom Maxwell

If you happened to be in Houston in the late 1930s, and stepped nimbly in between the signboards on Main Street, you would have found yourself in the middle of a couple dozen tall, waving marijuana plants. 2,025 more words