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July 22, 2016: An Authentic Bus Ride in Bolivia

Today was supposed to be so simple.  Bus from Uyuni to Potosi, an easy four hour ride through the southern Bolivian altoplano. 710 more words

Open Ended Social Studies

Cerro Rico: The Mountain that eats Men

My breathing is heavy. Never before have I been to a place as high in altitude – at about 4,300 meters – and as low in oxygen. 2,676 more words


The Silver Slaves

In 1544 Diego Huallpa, a local Inca, was walking across a mountain in the central highlands of Bolivia searching for an escaped llama. In the evening he built a fire which, so the legend goes, became so hot that the earth beneath it started to melt and a shiny liquid oozed from the ground.   1,457 more words


Uyuni Salt Flat Classic 3 day tour

Hello we would like to invite you to participate of our budget 3 day classic tour at the Uyuni Salt Flats + the Colored Lagoons, the itinerary is as it follows: 795 more words

National Parks

Potosí and Sucré


We had only one day with which to explore Potosí, the town which is famous (or infamous) for its silver mines. We had heard that the tours of the mines had become unethical and extorted the miners who still work there, the profits going to tour agencies instead of improving the bad working conditions of Cerro Rico, the mining mountain. 477 more words


Ethical Potosí: The worlds highest city is more than just mining tours

The tale of Potosí is a coin with two very contrasting sides, one of joy and opulence and one of unimaginable pain and poverty.
Cerro Rico, the name of the mountain that looms over Potosi, translates literally to rich hill. 1,362 more words


Best Things In Bolivia

People either love or hate Bolivia. This is by far the poorest country you will go to in south america and I thought it was quite evident. 474 more words