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E y e s of B l a c k and W h i t e

Photo by Somen Shrestha

@somenshres instagram

At Yala Mandala, Lalitpur.


Paul Cadden people

Here is a great artist that I admire and you can see why. Cadden’s ability to create such realistic art is just unbilievable. The attention to detail makes my head hurt. 49 more words


Call me Ishmael.

Herman Melville people. I think it turned out alright, especially with the hair and beard.

Tips on how to improve will be greatly appreciated. As you have noticed, I tend to prefer under-shading because I don’t yet trust myself not to ruin the drawing. 21 more words


Ahmad: Kami Butuh Buku

Akhir Mei 2017 lalu, sebuah lembaga nirlaba di luar negeri merilis hasil survei tahun 2016 bertemakan tingginya minat baca (Literacy) di berbagai negara. Hasilnya seperti menohok bangsa ini: Dari 62 negara yang disurvei, Indonesia, merupakan negara yang tingkat minat bacanya terendah kedua di atas Botswana atau di bawah Thailand. 636 more words


A great people

I have always been interested in the Indian culture so this was a blast to work on. Had Bob Dylan’s knocking on heavens door playing in the background and let me just say I was in the zone. 7 more words


I see you...

Also one of my firsts. Courtesy of the HB. Enjoy!

feeeeeedbaaaack, haha…