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What's for dinner tonight?

Sorry, my bad.  This post had to be removed.  Newbie blogger fail :(  xoxo


Pork Scallion Pot Stickers

Back in Atlanta, I loved it when my friend would host dumpling parties – he would make the filling ahead of time, and guests that arrived early would help put the dumplings together.  652 more words


Mushroom + Seaweed and Prawn + Seaweed Potstickers 

Trying different types of food is important for children. I love Asian food but I always found it expensive to make and the ingredients hard to to get hold of. 513 more words


Week 15: Day 5

That much closer to the end of the semester, and somehow I keep turning out some tasty meals. The weather has also finally started to warm up, so maybe that is helping to keep my spirits higher. 110 more words


When life doesn't give you potstickers, eat a burger. 

That time when you decide you want something healthy for dinner (steamed potstickers) so you walk to the grocery store to get them…but the grocery store doesn’t have them so you walk all the way to Target to get them…but Target doesn’t have them either. 15 more words

Normal People Things

DIY: Homemade Potstickers

I have been attending these fabulous themed cooking parties and last night we had a Shanghai dinner. I wanted to make potstickers from scratch which I have never done before. 411 more words

Chicken Potstickers

Sorry, guys—I’ve been holding out on you. Life has just been too super busy to blog, but just un-busy enough to cook!  The last thing I made, and to be honest this was quite a while ago, was chicken potstickers. 569 more words