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Umami Seoul is a welcome addition to the neighborhood

By Leighton Ginn

I used to joke that the Chinatown, or Asian population base, in the Palm Springs area was the casinos and the outlet malls, since those places bused people from Los Angeles. 413 more words

Palm Springs

Beef and cabbage potstickers

Oh, my mouth waters at the merest mention of potstickers!  Delicious, plump little morsels, steaming hot and so satisfying.  Their real name is Jiaozi, particularly popular during Chinese New Year.   414 more words


Elizabeth's Wang Potsickers

Have you ever ate a Potsticker?  Well you certainly haven’t taste my moms’.  She makes the best Potstickers on earth to me.  Tbh I would not like Potstickers from stores, so I would not eat any.   468 more words

Chinese Eggplant with Shrimp/ How to make Potstickers

When my husband and I would travel back home to visit family in Arkansas, we would always stop in our favorite restaurant “China Cafe”. Well, on our most recent trip home, we were saddened to hear that it had closed and reopened with a new name, menu and owners. 334 more words



Potstickers are those irresistible dumplings that are steamed on one side, pan-fried on the other. Whether you call them wortip (roughly translated as “pot stick”) guotie (the Mandarin word) Peking Ravioli (a term coined by restaurateur Joyce Chen), or just plain pan-fried pork dumplings, it’s impossible to eat only one! 293 more words

San Francisco