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2020 Happenings

The events are tentative but MHBS members have these things and guests to look for in 2020:

  • Tree insect pests and diseases
  • Finding the tree within with Martin Schmalenberg…
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The Crafts Study Centre is gradually digitizing its archives and putting items online, and I saw several today from the Lucie Rie archives that I hadn’t seen before, including personal and family portraits. You can view them here.


Secret Memory Box #2 - The Box Project - Oubliette

Started with a ball of wet terracotta; three small balls were made at the same time for the feet; left to dry slowly under loose plastic until leather-hard; the top was cut straight off and the inside was hollowed both top and bottom; a lip was fashioned with the carve-out clay to hold the lid on the bottom and attached with a little slip; the outside was cut into and the cuts were broken off to leave the jagged edges you see; a light blue engobe was applied to the inside; left to dry to bone dry then bisqued; iron oxide stain was applied lightly to emphasize the textures; glaze-fired to CONE 04. 133 more words

Exploring Creativity

Secret Memory Box #1 - The Box Project - Glazed

It started with a pinch-pot; the bottom was tapped into a foot shape then scored for texture; when leather-hard, the lid was carved out and the handle attached and textured; after a little more drying, it was burnished; dried to bone dry and bisqued; the lid was stained with iron oxide, the sides doted with a variety of glazes; glaze-fired to cone 04. 137 more words


To New Mexico and the Mimbres Culture; Voices That Are Lost

If you wake up early in Silver City, New Mexico on a summer morning, wander over to downtown. Looking north along Bullard Street, it might appear like this: 1,312 more words


Joseph Sand Pottery

(Photographs copyright 2019 by Dan Routh)

Joseph Sand Pottery, near Randleman, North Carolina. For info go to https://www.josephsandpottery.com.

North Carolina

Open Studio!

Thanks for including my soda glazed pottery at this Open Studio!!