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Favorite art: Vase

This art nouveau vase is one of my many friends—pieces of art that I stop by to visit each time I am in the Indianapolis Museum of Art. 36 more words

Hoosier Odds And Ends

china with the small "c" but costs big bucks

Ancient China has almost perfected pottery-making Chinese craftsmen turned it an art form. Their porcelain was hugely popular when it reached the West starting during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220) through the “Silk Road” that they were called and known as “china.” 19 more words

Some New Pottery

Remember that post where I tried to post eight pictures but could only get one picture to post eight times?   Here are the rest of the pictures including two more views of the triangular vase.  


Fun With Clay Continues..

After almost seven months since our opening, classes and workshops continue to be one of our biggest sources of fun and satisfaction. We currently have regular classes taking place, weekly, on Mondays at 10:30am and Wednesdays at 11:00am, but we schedule around you when we can. 59 more words


Corinthian order, step 1

These are the basis for some experiments in classical architecture…


Meet Fred!

So my daughter surprised me today with the most awesome clay sculpture she has made to date. My daughter, who is 8, made this creature in art class at school. 120 more words


Bronze and copper casting

Its been a long cold winter spent in Jon Rodney Jones’ metal workshop. JRJ is the kind of person who if you say can I do such and such, he will say yes. 189 more words

New Work