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Potting up the Tomatoes

It seems when I get around to the potting up stage that Spring really is on the doorstep. I realize that it is technically spring right now… And this year it certainly feels like Spring now.. 431 more words


Little hands can...pot up flower babies!

Little Hands Can…

Little hands can fill pots and wet them down…

Little hands can gently dig out her flower babies…

Little hands can snuggle her flower babies into their new little homes… 124 more words



Earlier this year I noticed that a Delosperma lehmannii and a Faucaria species that I have owned for a few years hadn’t been doing much of anything. 64 more words


Giant Pumpkin Update - Potted up!

I potted up the Giant Pumpkin seedlings into large black pots. The wonderful boyfriend saved them for me from a large planting of Hostas that they put in on a huge landscape job they did last year. 78 more words


Potting up tomatillo seedlings

I had six seedlings to choose from but ultimately I only need two plants so I picked the best three. They are tall, slim and floppy. 98 more words

Container Gardening

Potting up cucamelons

My little Cucamelon seedlings were getting a bit root bound in their pellets so I’ve potted them up into 9cm pots. They look like little whips with leaves where their tendrils are reaching for supports to wind around. 88 more words

Container Gardening

Birdhouse Gourd Update - Potted Up!

I finally got around to potting up the Birdhouse Gourds on April 25.

I took a little while to make a decision on what to pot them up into. 207 more words