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2 Degrees

I have heard that all people on earth are connected by no more than 6 degrees of separation – that is, you know a person who knows a person who knows a person who knows a person who knows a person who knows everybody on earth. 726 more words


Review: Nude Yoghurt

When the PR at Piako said she’d send me a natural unsweetened yoghurt I must admit I groaned – it’s not exactly fodder for superlatives or a taste sensation I thought. 272 more words


The measure of humankind

Don’t get me wrong: I believe America should adopt the metric system. There is no good reason for us to go our own way in a world where otherwise a single system of weights and measures works fine for everyone else. 1,515 more words

In which our heroine is revealed as a cheap and saucy minx.

I have washing in the machine, a pork hock in the oven (basically just for the sake of it – they were crazycheap at the stoopidmarket), and a big pot of my patented pizza sauce on the stove.  465 more words



Small conical basket used for holding strawberries or other soft fruit. Anglo-Norman “potel”=bottle, flask < Latin “pottus”=vessel.


Growlerflask - The ultimate gift for Christmas

Has anyone seen such a good Xmas gift as this?

…and I mean the flask.  It holds up to a Gallon of your favourate tipple.  Genious. 35 more words

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