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Cherry-stuffed Grilled Chicken

At this time of year, when cherries are in season, I love eating them fresh! But I also love to find as many recipes as possible that use fresh cherries – then I can justify the amount of fresh cherries I buy… I found this recipe a few years ago in our local newspaper, and over the years, I’ve made it with both chicken and pork, and either way it’s fantastic! 263 more words

Meat Recipes

Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

If you’re at a loss what to do with your chicken breasts (let’s face it, who doesn’t?) why not try this grub-tastic recipe using paleo guacamole… 183 more words


Smoky Roast Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges

This dish is a firm family favourite. In fact we love it SO much, that we’d be happy to substitute the turkey dinner for this on Christmas Day. 455 more words


Spicy Aromatic Chicken

I think this is my new favourite! As the title suggests, the ingredients create the most wonderful aroma whilst the chicken is cooking. This is very easy to make and it’s all cooked in one pot. 355 more words


Chicken Pot Pie

I always think of chicken pot pie as the ultimate comfort food, so it is fitting that this is what I thought to bring to friends after they recently had their newest baby. 362 more words

Poultry Recipes

Brunswick Stew

Brunswick stew is a traditional dish, popular in the American South, and usually associated with squirrel meat. However, squirrel meat is not so easy to come by in Manchester, so I used chicken instead! 301 more words

Spring Recipes

Pan-Seared Chicken with Wine and Herbs

For many years, I’ve followed Weight Watchers in order to lose weight and eat a better variety of foods. However, I usually like to find my own recipes (from cooking magazines, cookbooks, the internet, etc.). 307 more words

Poultry Recipes