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Le devenir de la Syrie est entre les mains de la Russie (et de son tyran)

Le devenir de la Syrie (des civils) est entre les mains de la Russie (de l’allié du tyran Al-Assad)

François d’Alançon, Benjamin Quénelle (à Moscou) et Agnès Rotivel, … 1,185 more words

Food To Try In Toronto: Poutine

Poutine is a traditional Canadian food that basically consists of three main ingredients – French fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. However, you can find lots of variations of poutine with chicken, beef, bacon, sausage, or even gluten-free. 79 more words

Poutine, Emus, and Study Days

I very much admire the vet students who have managed to create regular blog posts throughout their semesters. I thought my second year was busy but my third year must have been busier because here I am writing my first blog post in over 6 months. 860 more words


Go Away, Gastropub

I ran into a chef friend of mine at my son’s baseball game the other Sunday. I asked him what he was up to, and after a harrowing tale about his time as private cook for an online poker billionaire, he confessed he was putting wheels in motion to open a restaurant. 487 more words


Montréal, Encore un jour!

April 4th, 2017.

Despite waking up to the now familiar smell of dog pee, I was armed with things to do and ready to face the day! 1,721 more words


Canadian Drive-thru Poutine Kiosk Restaurant Chain Sets Social Media Trending Record

WEYBURN – A Saskatchewan company that launched a drive-thru chain of poutine kiosks has set a new Canadian business record. Poutine a Go-Go trended on twitter as Canada’s fastest growing non-e-business for two consecutive three-minute windows between noon and six p.m. 259 more words