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La Russie et Israël vont "revitaliser leurs accords" en Syrie - وقاحة المستعمر

Qu’en pense Bachar Al-Assad, le héro de la résistance et son ami Hassan Nasrallah, de leur collaboration avec Poutine, qui donne davantage carte blanche à l’Israël pour bombarder la Syrie ? 373 more words

Too much choice at each visit to fit in

How many poutine
menu entries you listin’?
I’m no longer thin!



I have a load of weird connections with Toronto. It was the only place my parents had traveled long haul before they had us. It was the destination for the only long haul holiday we ever took as a family. 112 more words

Montreal: Poutine

Another montreal/quebec staple is poutine, which you’re supposed to pronounce as poot-in and not poo-teen. There are so many places that sell poutine and you can get some wild toppings. 162 more words


Anny’s Dairy Bar

The first time we tried to hit up Anny’s Dairy Bar was for their maple twist soft serve. Unfortunately for us, their machine wasn’t open for the season yet. 246 more words


Brampton Food Truck Festival 2019

I don’t get to go out much in terms of attending festivals, this has actually in fact been my first time going to a Food Truck Festival, and I must say it has been such a good experience. 417 more words