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 “Art, life, politics ‘poveri’ are not apparent or theoretical, they do not believe in ‘putting themselves on show’, they do not abandon themselves in their definition, not believing in art, life, politics ‘poveri’, they do not have as an objective the process the re-presentation of life; they want only to feel, know, perform that which is real, understanding that what is important is not life, work, action, but the condition in which life, work and action develop themselves.” … 542 more words


Uomini e topi - John Steinbeck #JohnSteinbeck

La voce di George si fece più cupa. Ripeteva le parole, cadenzate, come le avesse pronunciate tante volte. «Gente come noi, che lavora nei ranches, è la gente più abbandonata del mondo. 146 more words

John Steinbeck