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The connection between Universal Credit, ordeals and experiments that electrocute laboratory rats

I’m currently writing an article about the intimacy between neoliberalism and behavioural economics, following Richard Thaler’s recent Nobel award. While I was researching, I came across an Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) document about Nudge from 2012 – … 3,989 more words


MP tells 'shameful' story of how young boy stole burger from barbecue for his starving sister

Shameful don’t even begin to cut it, and this is Britain not some third-world despot hell -hole Govt Newspeak

because of a flawed benefit system’. The Easington MP said the film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ is a reality in his constituency as families struggle to make ends meet. 254 more words


A Dollar A Day

What does it mean to “live on a dollar a day?” This fabulous Netflix documentary traces a group of western college students as they intentionally live on a dollar a day in the third world. 51 more words


ONE Youth Summit Brussels

Arriving at Bruxelles Midi station on the first day of the ONE Youth Summit 2017 was a great start to the four day stay – the odd but also familiar feel of the train stations was welcoming, but also a sign of the querky country that Belgium is. 554 more words


~ Deadbeat ~ By ~ Sole Man ~


Feet beat up and down my street,

Fleet they skeet skirt and scatter

Chit and chat and chomp and natter, 224 more words

What are you looking at?

Getting into my red Ford Taurus, I dumped my purse onto the passenger seat and turned the key in the ignition. It whined, but wouldn’t start, so I turned it a few more times – each time growing more and more frustrated and despairing. 128 more words