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I Get Schooled

The small boy, who couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 years old, bravely stepped up and took my hand as I descended the steps of the bus. 682 more words


Social welfare's lack of equity

Government’s role in a democratic, market based nation-state is to secure political wealth for the political class while creating an ecosystem within which private capital receives a positive return. 202 more words


Feeling Alone & Blogging

It’s been one week since my other housemates and I got 30 day notices to vacate. I don’t know if I’m supposed to pay a prorated amount of rent to stay in the house until October 23rd. 512 more words


The Robber

Through tiresome hungry nights,

The silver moon looks on.

My blade shines in the dark,

Unafraid of the impending dawn.

The traveling bands of broken men, 184 more words


Cat's Away ...

When I left Toronto I lived in a poorer area of the city, albeit extremely colourful. It’s called Parkdale, for those of you who know, one of the older sections of the city, it boasts big old mansions, some of them converted in to halfway houses and old funky building, but a lot of poverty, drugs, crime.   818 more words

End of Chapter 3/ Chapter 4

The car makes its way slowly as it turns onto an old dirt road. Trodden so many times it’s hard to believe vehicles can drive through the area at all as I bump up and down in the back seat. 1,738 more words

Boy Migrant

Boy Migrant

He haunts me
A young boy
Mid teens
A lad like mine
Seen on the news bulletin
Scrambling over razor wire
Raised to protect Fortress Europe… 380 more words