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A Call to Alms

It was the last day of the year. Sunrise was hours away. A blanket of blackness stretched taut across the firmament, enveloping all the earth, it seemed, though even on the hilltops the horizon was scant few miles distant. 1,954 more words


How Smart Meters Are Harmful, Raise Costs and Invade Privacy

From Natural News, a short video clip that explains in a nutshell what is wrong about having a Smart Meter in your home … particularly of note are the health effects. 444 more words


Your skin like rubber

Your skin like rubber,
the floppy back seat of a car,
has seen the inertia and the momentum
of a fast paced life in Toronto. 59 more words



Life is full of tough decisions. Have you ever had a job you simply hate with a passion. As in the mere mention of if makes you get heated and aggrivated? 107 more words

Even the cheapest city is too expensive for a family on minimum wage

According to a new paper by the left-leaning think tank the Economic Policy Institute, most families subsiding on minimum-wage jobs would struggle to achieve a modest but secure quality of life, no matter where in the United States they reside. 168 more words


Good for What?


AKBAR Khan, who I have known for two decades at least, has, quite literally, worked himself to the bone to get his children educated. 940 more words