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Feeding Inequality

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In a recent presidential campaign event, Donald Trump mocked a protester who responded to his comments about the Food Stamp Program—the US program that helps those with low incomes to buy food—noting that the man was very overweight. 759 more words

Charitable Organizations

Measuring Economic Health from Space – Data Collection Processes and Limitations, Part 2

Can remote sensing data be used to help determine policy measures to alleviate poverty or impact economic and social changes? Typically socioeconomic data from the census is supplemented with sampled detailed household surveys. 897 more words

Homeless in Seattle

I live in a city where there are a lot of homeless people. LOTS of homeless people.

I am a city girl, I have mostly always lived in cities. 1,484 more words

Class Warfare Poverty Death

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Out of the hundred million people living in Soviet Russia, we should be able get 90 million behind us. The others, there’s no talking with them, they have to be annihilated.

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The Real World

Isaiah connects the rains to good politics

Thursday December 3
Isaiah 41:17-29

Isaiah was no fool: he could see the deforestation of Palestine and Syria happening in his time of history. Kings were plundering the great cypress forests of Lebanon; much of Judah was already reduced to wilderness. 218 more words


Sojourners' Alliance

I wrote the following story for a local nonprofit’s newsletter in an effort to spread awareness about homelessness in my community and help the organization raise money. 1,175 more words