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The Greek Conspiracy (aka The Medicare Fraud


This is a Christmas story of sorts, but a sad one. Beneath the Guardian’s screamer head for December 20, 1978 is a pic of the Salvation Army headquarters in Marrickville, blazing with Christmas lights, “a beacon for all to see.” 486 more words


We, the animal

Today, I went to a park purposefully and the rationale for going there was certainly not the recreation, rather to have contemplation one specific subject. Since I knew, I may stay there for hours; hence I had some snacks and a bottle of water in my bag pack. 555 more words


Stress and Race Redux: A 'Hispanic' Paradox?

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American Renaissance published an article the other day titled “Is ‘Racism’ Killing Black People?” and, for the most part, I largely agree with it. 1,486 more words

Race Realism

Wisdom for the Day

We usually make our plans and then ask, “What would Jesus do?”.  What we need to do is ask, “What is Jesus doing?” and then make that our plans.  103 more words


#28 North Dakota

In North Dakota, the Fair Market Rent (FMR) for a two-bedroom apartment is $851. In order to afford this level of rent and utilities — without paying more than 30% of income on housing — a household must earn $2,836 monthly or $34,028 annually.

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Self-Care Alone Won't Save Us

The great feminist thinker and poet Audre Lorde once said, self-care “is not self-indulgence—it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” This statement remains just as true today, if not more so. 1,113 more words


The Rough Sleeping Homeless- A Growing Problem by Eddie Luigi

At this time of year Christians everywhere are reminded that Mary and Joseph found themselves homeless, in Bethlehem, through no fault of their own, but because a physically distant government passed a law to determine how much tax they could collect, in order to keep their privileged citizens in the luxury that they had become accustomed to. 213 more words

Social Commentary