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Global report analyses rural development and recommends policy changes to eradicate poverty.

Hed: Global report on rural development offers targeted policies to eliminate poverty

The world is changing rapidly, across urban and rural areas. Growing demand for food – driven by population increase and rising incomes – is creating opportunities and challenges for people working in rural areas, including in smallholder agriculture and in the non-farm economy. 108 more words


America’s Economic Caste System

The Wall Street Journal ran an article not long ago about one of the ways that injustice in the American economy is perpetuated.  We all know that those from privileged backgrounds have a better chance of getting ahead themselves because of the connections their parents have and the networks they are born into.  408 more words

Teresa Chupp

An Introduction to Britain's Interwar Poverty

The end of World War I saw millions of deaths, millions of dollars worth of damage, and countless lives affected. The return of the soldiers was a shock to the nation, as the demand for health care services dramatically increased, even new mental illnesses such as Shell Shock (now known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD) were introduced. 198 more words


Personally I Blame FDR


Personally I Blame FDR

Are you sitting comfortably boys girls and others? Then allow me to begin by stating from the offset I am no fan of any politicians. 398 more words


Why Money Causes So Much Friction In Marriage

We know that marrying a dreamer who enjoys talking big without corresponding action, or who counts his chicks before they are hatched, is setting oneself up for a marriage fraught with disappointment and frustration.  30 more words

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Will you reach out today?

This week we hear the Gospel account of the Rich Man and Lazarus… essentially Jesus tells of a rich man who seemed to have everything living a lavish lifestyle whilst ignoring the needs of Lazarus as he steps over him in the gutter of the street outside his front door. 400 more words