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Everyday NhanSense - Day 82

Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth. 629 more words



So the photo is what my (15/16 year-old) cousin posted on Facebook today. Livid, my reply:

Okay but let’s also acknowledge that these people may have skills beyond what is required for a minimum wage job and yet these jobs still need to be filled. 692 more words

When Migrants Return: Sorrow Multiplied

I’m sharing this post from Fr. Bill, a Columban priest from our mission in El Paso who is now visiting El Salvador, where he witnesses daily the very situations that are forcing people to leave their homes. 25 more words





These two words cannot ever be too far from each other when judging the economy of a country or culture. Emphasis on the word ‘judging.’ 1,401 more words


Chicanas and Chicanos in Hollywood films : A Chicana filmmaker's perspective

I am a filmmaker, a Chicana filmmaker. There are not too many of us. One reason I got into filmmaking was because both because of misrepresentation and lack  of representation of Chicanas/Chicanos in Hollywood cinema. 745 more words


Lent 2015.3: Poverty Part 2

I recently had my students compare the mothers in Richard Wright’s autobiography, “Rights to the Streets of Memphis” and Langston Hughes’s poem, “Mother to a Son.”  As the class discussion turned toward poverty I interrupted the conversation and said: 136 more words

Kyle Herron

Saving Private Ryan - Update

Wow, lots of you guys are dog lovers!! I’ve had so many messages during the past month asking how Private Ryan is doing and I thank you for caring about a dog that one Englishman in my neighborhood recently told me “needs a bullet”. 595 more words

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