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"Panhandling" is a God Given Right

Recently, the issue of people begging on street corners has become a hot button issue in Rhode Island. The number of people engaging in this practice has increased steadily since the beginning of the Great Recession as Rhode Island has struggled more than any other state to rebuild an economy that crumbled to the ground in 2008. 877 more words


Step 2: Break bad habits before they break you.

Go to sleep once I’m done playing video games/browsing the internet, usually around midnight. Get up after hitting snooze with 10 minutes to get ready for work and be out the door by 6:40a. 681 more words


Belize: Where food is everywhere and yet...

A foodie visitor to Belize might observe that the country has a vibrant “street food” scene. In Belize, we just call it food, comida, and dinna (dinner). 455 more words


the Upper Room

Our hearts are broken.

Our souls stirred up.

Our minds confused.

Our hands and feet are frozen.

With so much violence around us, what are we supposed to do?  437 more words

Perspective: One girls struggle

In my line of work, it isn’t unusual to see some horrific things. I live in a developing country and I work for a humanitarian organisation. 1,741 more words


Poverty - One of the Main Reason that turns a person to something else...

Poverty in the Philippines is a quite a challenge, it is a critical problem and that needs to be solved. Today almost 10.5 Million families are considered poor in the Quarter 1 of 2016 due to fact that cause of poverty is : 205 more words


Of baseball, tennis and predatory lending

He got me thinking. There are two ways to approach any competition. One is to take every advantage that you can. Soccer players writhing in imagined pain hoping to inflict a foul on the other team are an extreme example of this. 112 more words

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