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Accept your Place in Christ

Have you ever wondered why the Lord would call someone like you to the ministry? Have you wondered why He would call you while you are so young? 916 more words


Indiana’s Bishops Tackle Poverty

The Bishops of Indiana have put together a very good letter on addressing poverty. Here are some highlights of Poverty at the Crossroads: The Church’s Response to Poverty in Indiana… 547 more words


Trinitarian Center

O Triune God, hear my humble plea:
For our broken world,
For the poverty-stricken nations,
For the exploited children,
For our weak and vacillating Church, 49 more words


Not To Be Sold

Confusing ammunition with ambition,

clipped wings like a jealous Icarus,

as soon as I get a job with good money,

I’ll give you some,

and I’ll buy a gun. 611 more words


The Age of Euphemism: Claiming Religious Liberty as Latest Victim

Apparently Indiana broke the Interwebs by passing legislation which some are calling an “anti-gay law”. Opponents of the law have taken to Twitter, social media, and banner carried by blimp to declare that anyone who cares about religious liberty is, in fact, a “bigot” and “hater” who has no right drawing oxygen or consuming resources on our planet. 760 more words

Age Of Euphemism

The heart of New Orleans: origins

I don’t want to gripe, but Lonely Planet’s walking tours can sometimes really suck. Take the French Quarter in New Orleans. LP promises us an hour and a half of walking, but instead we get a 20 minute spin throught the French Quarter with sparse description of the things we’re passing. 364 more words

Economic Inequality: It's Far Worse Than You Think

Scientific American has a new article about this continuing problem, one that the brothers are all too aware of in their personal struggle to rise out of the Great Depression. 98 more words