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Most often enjoyed during the Christmas season, this Croatian dessert bread is made of thinly rolled dough that is spread with a chocolate & walnut filling and then rolled tightly and wrapped in a U-shape in a loaf pan and drizzled with icing after baking. 608 more words

European Baking

Povitica ... Swirly chocolate goodness....

My Dear Wonderful Readers!

Here’s a secret!!..If there is some thing I love more than ‘baking cake’, it is ‘making bread’. The reason i used the term “Making” and not “Baking” is cause, I think, bread-making is art! 1,092 more words


Leftovers Povitica (or, Thanksgiving Loaf and Crazy Cupboard Loaf)

This was another post made possible by Sainsbury’s. They’re such enablers. They asked me to come up with and blog these recipes in exchange for vouchers.  1,770 more words

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Dos and Doughnuts

Yes, I’m lagging behind again on the Bake Off side of things.

I was away at the weekend at our Women’s retreat, bringing to an end a month of study and preparation. 699 more words


Vegan Povitica - The Great British Bake Off (S5, E8)

This was the technical challenge in episode eight series five of The Great British Bake Off. The veganised sweet dough turned out quite well for this recipe. 645 more words


Technical Challenges: Advanced Dough Week

When I saw the contestants on Bake Off doing the technical challenge last Wednesday, I have to admit, I panicked a little. I knew the challenges would get harder and harder, but I couldn’t help but repeat: “I have to make… 559 more words


Depressed Dough

Advanced dough week brought with it some trepidation given that until a few weeks ago I had never attempted any sort of yeasted bread. I felt like I’d bluffed my way through GCSE dough and was now being thrown in at the deep end with this enriched Eastern European confection which, in its unbaked form, appeared unappealing and, frankly, a little bit rude. 904 more words