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A Second Chance: The real-er Pabebe/Hugot Filipino Film (at the moment)

It was just typical Filipino love story but the twist; it is more real and practical as I’ve seen. It is ‘kilig’ at some point but in general, it taught me how commitment to ideal love and marriage was defined in a way that it can be relatable and can gave various morals to the viewers. 870 more words


Ideals vs. clichés

We have heard many stories around the idea of good vs. evil and the ultimate victory of truth over lie but aren’t they overused cliches perceived casually by most of us? 602 more words


Falling Star

He tried. He’s trying. But everytime he sees her, he gets depressed, automatically. He hates her for that, but deep down he knows he doesn’t, and that he can’t. 157 more words


To Love Again

At one point in our lives, we can say that we have been really in love; that we already have imagined and planned our life and our future with a certain person, and could not imagine our life without them in it. 343 more words


If That Wasn't Love...

Is it possible to not actually love a person you thought you love?

He makes you happy, he makes you feel special, he has been your constant companion. 500 more words



I did not realize until last night how everyone looked at me as the one to blame when my last SERIOUS relationship failed. I lost all my senses. 560 more words


Is Net neutrality too much to ask for?

Who can put a price tag on oxygen? Anyone? I guess it isn’t as easy as it is to put a tag on the oxygen of virtual world i.e. 374 more words