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Multiple POVs

Hello, reader!

Anyway, today I decided to try a blog about something that I find amazing when done right, but agonizing (for both the reader and the writer) when done wrong.  1,061 more words


A different point of view - invaluable !!

This incident from 1947 is making the rounds on WhatsApp and it shows the value of different points of view.

Soon after getting freedom from British rule in 1947, the de-facto prime minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru called a meeting of senior Army Officers to select the first General of the Indian army.  266 more words

Corporate Musings

Empathy Maps in Creative Writing: How to create believable characters?

So, today I did something new at work. I created an Empathy Map for a potential client. What is an Empathy Map, you’re wondering? I’ll explain it to you in a moment. 422 more words


Story Techniques to Avoid

Today we will take a look at some story techniques that don’t fare particularly well with the audience.

Too Many POVs.

This can significantly slow down the pace of your story and bore your readers. 1,256 more words

Writing Advice

Stranger POVs

Will you fight it or will you succumb to the hands that hold you? I often catch myself wondering if you’ll weep or if you’ll secretly enjoy my weight pressing against your flesh despite failed attempts at pushing me off. 709 more words

Creative Writing

A Second Chance: The real-er Pabebe/Hugot Filipino Film (at the moment)

It was just typical Filipino love story but the twist; it is more real and practical as I’ve seen. It is ‘kilig’ at some point but in general, it taught me how commitment to ideal love and marriage was defined in a way that it can be relatable and can gave various morals to the viewers. 870 more words


Ideals vs. clichés

We have heard many stories around the idea of good vs. evil and the ultimate victory of truth over lie but aren’t they overused cliches perceived casually by most of us? 602 more words