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Mulat nang Napiringan

***A monologue in commemoration of EDSA People Power***

Tagpo 1. Sa Isang Kampo, Kapanahunan ng Martial Law- Gabi

Madilim ang kwarto. Ang ilaw ay nakatapat sa isang lalaking nakaupo, nakabigkis sa makapal na tali. 457 more words


Multiple PoVs covering same location = Better quality?

Alternating PoVs after the cast left Winterfell. Not counting one-off PoVs (Areo, Melisandre, prologue/epilogue characters etc).


Ned/Arya/Sansa: Kingsroad and KL

Tyrion/Catelyn: Kingsroad and Vale… 64 more words


Mother of Dragons, Daughter of Gods

Posted earlier today on Reddit. Posting here with slight changes.

Been re-reading Arianne II of TWOW. Despite the travelogue nature, I really liked this chapter, because we learn a lot about Stormlands. 676 more words


Plot Armour Revisited

Following BryndenBFish’s Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource, my spirits are elevated in general about TWOW expectations. Mainly because I’m more hopeful about Dany/Tyrion meeting and ‘cooperation’. 1,033 more words


Where in the world is [character X] ?

My guesses regarding the whereabouts of the various characters MIA in the series.

Class I. Characters whose location I’m pretty certain


Plot Armour


Meereen (Tyrion, Barristan and Victarion)

  • I’m certain Tyrion will come out of Meereen alive. Tyrion is wanted for murder, and in the middle of a war.
  • 450 more words

Multiple POVs

Hello, reader!

Anyway, today I decided to try a blog about something that I find amazing when done right, but agonizing (for both the reader and the writer) when done wrong.  1,061 more words

Stand-alones: Tips And Advice