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The Solider

I bowed my head amongst the others at the table. A few moments ago, my friend asked if we could have a moment of silence from where he sat at the head of the table. 876 more words


Trump rallies veterans at annual Rolling Thunder gathering

WASHINGTON — Republican Donald Trump told a motorcycle rally on Sunday that people in the U.S. illegally often are cared for better than the nation’s military veterans, without backing up his allegation. 852 more words



Submission is respecting and loving someone. That is something Momwithoutpaws taught me. Submitting to her or Dadwithoutpaws is my job. That does not mean they do not love me nor does it mean I am their slave. 73 more words

Trump may have penthouses, mansions, and beautiful women by his side.  And it appears that he has the Republican nomination.  But, check out this video and see what Trump’s billions cannot buy….class. 37 more words

May Surprises

It’s definitely not a good month to be a ruskie. “Victory day” debauchery not attended even by most loyal asslickers (who obviously became more careful after Yanukovich’s escapade), then Ukrainians win Eurovision first prize and finally one of the most famous enemies of Mordor, Nadiya Savchenko, comes back home in POW exchange – having her courageous spirit completely undamaged despite all hardships of captivity. 119 more words


The Psychological Virus

Okay, aside from the snarky title of this post, I actually discovered something about my family history that’s both really upsetting and really interesting. This is mostly conjecture, but after speaking to both my parents over the years, it makes a lot of sense and fills in a lot of blanks surrounding the PTSD that a lot of people in my family suffer from. 774 more words


Photography Challenge

I’ve decided to set myself a photography challenge of publishing one photo every week for one year.

It might not sound particularly difficult but unless I have something to aim for then I will never follow through with it. 60 more words