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Bridge on the River Kwai

“Maybe the unbridgeable gulf that some see separating the western and the oriental souls are nothing more than a mirage?… Maybe the need to ‘save face’ was, in this war, as vital, as imperative, for the British as it was for the Japanese.” 499 more words


Efficiently Calculate (a^b)%M

Have you ever had a problem calculating a^b where a and b could be very very large and you have to calculate just the answer modulo M???? 264 more words


Unbroken Inspiration

Unbroken is a true story about the life of Louis Zamperini. A man whose life was so overwhelming, they didn’t even have time to tell it all within the 2 and half hour movie! 661 more words


MIA POW Flag and Returning Soldier

Bataan Death March

Here is part of my assessment that i am doing at high school. The aim of this assessment is to find a particular event and to express my feelings and thought about the event. 372 more words


Vetting John McCain

kReposted from Veterans Today

GPD on July 21, 2015

John McCain must be one of the most flawed and treasonously compromised elected officials in our nation’s history… 3,494 more words


Corporal Baatz

One of those little puzzling quirks in History.  A German POW is still buried in a National Cemetery.

A ll types of questions rose of the mire of my grey matter.  When I first found out about the POW, I had to have answers.  … 335 more words

Ghost Trails