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POW [Person of the Week] >>> Lexi

I recently took a trip to visit with some family, and while doing so I got to hang out with one of the most brightening-of-the-day people I’ve ever met. 116 more words


Poor Man's Fight

Donald Trump dodged the draft during the Vietnam war... but this will have little effect on the millions who support him.  In Trump’s world, bluster passes for merit, talk is substitute for service.  131 more words


Some interesting facts about…

Prisoners of war in World War Two

During the war, 3.3 out of the 5.7 million captured Soviet soldiers died in German POW camps. In contrast, among the 232 thousand Allied POWs “a mere” 8,348 did not return home from German captivity. 86 more words

MaidSafe fanboys are waking up to PoR reality

In Proof of Ridiculousness (and other posts) I mentioned how silly MaidSafe’s attempts to create a poor man’s PoW are and asked several pertinent questions. 124 more words


Node aging for centralized and immobile SAFEnet

Because their poorly conceived measures to prevent group takeover by malicious nodes are unlikely to work, the gifted MaidSafe developers keep complicating things with additional RFCs. 870 more words


The End or The Beginning

The end or the beginning. It depends on how you want to see things. We just finished our first grading period so that could mean the end. 601 more words

Nazis, Gulags, and Noodles

It’s been a super busy week and a half for me in terms of research and fun stuff. So here are some of the highlights in a massive, tome of a post. 2,572 more words