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Adventures of a Country Home

Today’s blog is a departure from the usual.

The Hayes positively radiates history.

It’s a gorgeous old mansion that could easily double as the set of a whodunit murder mystery with links to St Pancras Station, as well as being the site of a daring wartime escape! 758 more words


Another - Puff of Wind - from You know who!

How to flog a dead horse until its bones rattle! Protect Our Waverley takes on yet another Judicial Review – this time against – Dunsfold Airfield! 116 more words

Waverley Borough Council

Children of the Beehive/ Hachi no su no kodomotachi (1948)

A ragtag ex-POW gets off a train and doesn’t board a new one. This attracts the attention of some young boys hanging around the station. After a long staring contest, he gives one a small loaf of bread, only to see him take it to a crippled man who then resells it. 729 more words

Dissing McCain

In a White House meeting on Thursday, Trump aide Kelly Sadler reacted to news that Senator John McCain opposed Gina Haspel for CIA Director by saying, “he’s dying anyway.” 967 more words

"Don’t worry about me for I shall look after myself"

One hundred years ago, Grandad had already been a Prisoner of War for 18 days.  He was captured on Wednesday 24th April somewhere near Hondeghem, France.  595 more words


Owning your Words

Trump’s public admonishment of pilots held as prisoners of war… in North Vietnam is described by his campaign as “misunderstood” or “taken out of context.”   The blowhard with no military experience said this- … 229 more words


Poor Man's Fight

Donald Trump dodged the draft during the Vietnam war... but this will have little effect on the millions who support him.  In Trump’s world, bluster passes for merit, talk is substitute for service.  131 more words