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Burger v. Kemp

483 U. S. 776

June 26, 1987

In 1977, Christopher Burger and Thomas Stevens kidnapped a taxi driver named Roger Honeycutt. Honeycutt was eventually locked in the trunk of his taxi, and then Burger drove the taxi into a pond, where Honeycutt was left to drown. 364 more words


Greer v. Miller

483 U. S. 756

June 26, 1987

While on trial for murder with two other defendants, Charles Miller testified that he had not been a part of the murder, but was merely told about it afterward. 323 more words


Things To Do In Central Ohio - March

Things To Do In Central Ohio – March

This month it will officially be spring! So say goodbye to the frigid winter weather and start your month out right. 296 more words


Smoke At Powell Street Station Causes Scare For BART Riders

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Smoke filling the Powell Street station caused a scare for some Bay Area Rapid Transit commuters Friday morning.

On Twitter, riders were asking why the station was filling with smoke around 8:50 a.m. 123 more words


San Francisco Arts & Athletics, Inc. v. United States Olympic Comm.

483 U. S. 522

June 25, 1987

The Amateur Sports Act gave the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) an ultra-strong tradmark in the word “Olympic.” Anyone wishing to use the word would have to get permission from the USOC first, even if the usage would not be confusing, as is usually required for a trademark violation. 482 more words


Welch v. Texas Dept. of Highways and Public Transp.

483 U. S. 468

June 25, 1987

Jean Welch, while working for the State of Texas, was injured on a ferry dock. She tried to sue Texas in admiralty law under a federal tort claim statute called the Jones Act. 430 more words