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7 Ways Human Resources is Perfectly Positioned to Create Radical Change

Look closer and you might just find power that you never imagined.  Learn to leverage that power and you will find you can do far more with far fewer resources. 651 more words


All will come.

I was ran by desire. “Teacher,” I said “I want this.”

“Sit in power, all will come.” He replied.

“No I will go this way.” I insist. 113 more words


Making A Great Decision

Dear ones wouldn’t life be a lot easier if there was a way to bypass the ego when you want to make an important decision. Just think how delighted you would feel when you knew that fear, old belief systems and habits as well as any other negative emotions had been pushed aside so that you could make the best decision for you at every moment of the day. 1,109 more words


White Walkers and Radiation: Walls of Ice Keep Them Both at Bay

This Sunday, the 6th season of Game of Thrones premiers on HBO. Eight million viewers tuned in to watch the premier of Season 5, and considering that there is yet no book to give away what the latest season has in store for us, last season’s record breaking total will likely be eclipsed. 434 more words

Real Technology


Silently, I sit…. Admiring her softness.

I have a stone upon which I sharpen my sword – a woman – whom through serving I build my tolerance for sacrifice and thereby step further into my strength. 188 more words

Divine Feminine

When the rejection ratio (1 - β)/α turns evidence on its head, for those practicing in an error-statistical tribe (ii)

I’m about to hear Jim Berger give a keynote talk this afternoon at a FUSION conference I’m attending. The conference goal is to link Bayesian, frequentist and fiducial approaches: BFF.   1,086 more words