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Ed Sheeran Doesn't Care What You Think of His Game of Thrones Cameo #Jp

Ed Sheeran has shot down reports that his brief disappearance from Twitter was a result of people ridiculing his appearance on Sunday’s season seven premiere of Game of Thrones. 101 more words


FOUR Tips To Making It In The Radio Biz #IvyUnleashed #MagazineFeature

GUESS WHO’S FEATURED ON @presspasslatino #presspasslatino ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Soooo honored to have an article written about me🤗 “FOUR Tips To Making It In The Radio Biz” 📻. 43 more words


Blac Chyna Abused ANOTHER MAN To The Point Of Suicide?!? #Video #IvyUnleashed

In a recent IG post, Pilot Jones says Chyna all but ruined his life after their breakup when she posted his phone number and he began receiving a torrent of death threats. 156 more words


#IvyUnleashed Receives Radio HONOR! TEN Years In Radio!

TEN YEARS on #power96 📻 I’m SO EXCITED to have gotten my super cute plaque reminding me of how absolutely BLESSED I am🙏🏽 I LOVE every single moment that I’m in this studio. 275 more words


Madonna And Tupac Did WHAT?!? #IvyUnleashed

Apparently it seems that Tupac and Madonna may have done the nasty! I had NO IDEA that they were even a couple at one point! WOW! 75 more words


Iggy Azalea Responds To Halsey Calling Her A "F***ing Mornon!" #IvyUnleashed

When Halsey was asked by The Guardian last week about her controversial collaboration with Migos member Quavo, she responded by calling Iggy Azalea a “f**king moron” who “had a complete disregard for black culture.” Azalea has since hit back. 171 more words


Can't Believe Pharrell Admitted He DOES NOT Do THIS! #Wow #IvyUnleashed

On Tuesday’s episode of TODAY, Pharrell Williams admitted that he doesn’t change his 5-month-old triplet’s diapers. Instead, he lets his wife Helen Lasichanh handle the dirty work. 74 more words