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Baby with THREE biological Parents?!? #IvyUnleashed

What the heck?? Here’s the first baby to have the genetics of THREE people! Abrahim Hassan was born in Mexico using a new technique involving DNA from three people and… 27 more words


Between 2 Ferns ! lol #Jp

Zack takes on Hillary ! Some hard hitting questions ! lol

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OUCH!! The Chainsmokers Ate It!! lol (Video) #IvyUnleashed

Every artists takes a fall on stage at least once in their career! Alex from the Chainsmokers might need a little TLC after be busted his CULO on stage during a show in Sand Diego! 10 more words


The Last Person I Expected To Be Rocking GOLD TEETH! #IvyUnleashed

Have you seen JADA Pinkett-Smith rocking GOLD TEETH on the bottom! But I like it! This is what she posted on Social Media…“When your son buys you grillz for your 45th birthday:)” 12 more words


Man Smuggled $180,000 In Gold In His.... #IvyUnleashed

WHAT THE HECK?!? So a man is accused of smuggling $180,000 in gold in his BUM aka CULOooooo!! My mouth almost dropped when I saw this on Twitter….How he accomplished this, I just don’t get! 9 more words


Kanye Did WHAT !?! #IvyUnleashed

This is just STUPID!! (yes I’m hating) Kanye West continues to spoil his wifey Kim Kardashian by buying her a 20 Carat DIAMOND RING! This thing probably weighs more than her hand! 58 more words