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Thief Quietly Makes Off With $1.6 Million Bucket of Gold #Jp

If you noticed a rainbow in New York City on September 29, that might be because a thief quietly snatched a pot of gold worth $1.6 million out of the back of an armored car in broad daylight. 66 more words


Playboy Playmate Pleads Not Guilty in Body-Shaming Case #Jp

Former Playboy model Dani Mathers, who was accused of body-shaming a naked elderly woman on Snapchat, pleaded not guilty to invasion-of-privacy charges on Monday. The Los Angeles Times reports that the 29-year-old faces a misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy after she shared a photo of a 70-year-old woman changing in an L.A. 85 more words


Taylor Swift to Debut Her Own 24/7 Channel on DirecT #Jp

Christmas has come early for Taylor Swift fans, as AT&T has announced it will unveil a 24/7 channel called Taylor Swift NOW! as part of its new DirecTV streaming service. 82 more words


Woman Charged With Stabbing Boyfriend Who Drank Her Blood #Jp

Nineteen-year-old Victoria Vanatter of Springfield, Missouri, was charged Monday with first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action for a November 23 incident in which she stabbed her drunk boyfriend after allowing him to slice her arm open with a box cutter and drink her blood. 70 more words


Skating Rink Closes Amid Outrage Over Dead, Frozen Fish. #Jp

Two weeks ago, the Space World amusement park in Japan installed a skating rink with 5,000 dead, frozen fish entombed in the ice. Even though park officials insist the fish were already dead when they purchased them, some people found the rink to be in poor taste, which prompted its shutdown on Sunday. 104 more words


JP Goes In Singing His Heart Out To A Willy Chirino Song! #BehindTheScenes #IvyUnleashed

With all the emotions going on regarding Raul Castro’s passing, el Cubanito JP from the morning show sang to me while we were on air. It was actually a little emotional! 12 more words


Celebrations In The Power 96 Studio! #CubaLibre #IvyUnleashed

Had a little fun on Facebook Live as we had the pots and pans celebrating the end of a dictator…

-Ya Chica #IvyUnleashed
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