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#PrankingLucy by JP! LOL

I get scared EASILY and with my luck I work with the biggest prankster of life! Here’s JP scaring me. Prepare to lower the volume on your iphone! 35 more words


Drama On Okeechobee Part 2, The Husband Calls. #LucyLopez

There are two sides to the story!  Well, after harassing our receptionist… Melissa’s husband got through the POWER lines . This is NOW the craziest LIVE call our show has ever received! 7 more words


Drama On Okeechobee Part 1. #LucyLopez

Here’s the call we got on Valentine’s Day from Melissa. She followed her man all the way to a hotel on Okeechobee. He was in a room with a woman who she suspected to be his boss?   77 more words


And THIS Is Why Lady GaGa Has My Heart! #IvyUnleashed

A video I came across on Facebook made my heart melt. A child at an orphanage in Mexico asked Lady Gaga for a song and this is what she got….I truly am inspired by Lady GaGa and the genuine LOVE she is spreading! 9 more words


Another Reason To LOVE Bruno Mars! #IvyUnleashed

This video is everything! I have really been into Bruno Mars lately for some reason. His music and his vibe has been speaking to me lately and I ran into an older video that I really liked. 39 more words


Britney Spears Family Tragedy! #IvyUnleashed

WOW! I literally had t say a prayer out loud for Spears and her family….Britney Spears 8 year old niece Maddie (Jamie Lynn Spears daughter) was hospitalized on Sunday after an ATV accident where she was trapped under water for two minutes. 23 more words


Did Drake Just Drop New Music #LuvAlexMarie

We are all eagerly awaiting “More Life” which was originally supposed to drop in December but got pushed back. Drake recently confirmed while on his European Tour that it will definitely be out before the end of February and even dropped a little taste of one of the tracks during a break in his Amsterdam show last night.. 10 more words