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Project files: VFET PSU

What is it?
In response to a reader request, the project files for my V-FET PSU board shown here. Of course, this will also work for any other class A design you might think of, as it is a fairly standard CC-R-C configuration with onboard rectifiers and space for three 35mm snap-in capacitors per rail. 387 more words


Things to consider before buying power amplifiers

Without a sound system none of the event is complete. A portable sound system is indeed required to make the event successful. Thus it is essential to hire sound system that is high in quality and efficient… 121 more words


Kramer 907 power amplifier

The Kramer 907 is a Class D power amplifier for line-level stereo audio signals. It accepts a balanced stereo audio signal on a terminal block connector. 133 more words


Power Yamamoto A08s

This 45-based amp will still not hit 2 watts per channel. Close, but not quite. No, this little sucker is pretty much the poster child for the “flea-powered amp” category. 31 more words

Power Amplifier

Digital Power Amp Headphones PAM8403 DC 5V

PAM8403 adalah chip Digital Amplifier Class D stereo yg berukuran kecil, menghasilkan suara high-definition (HIFI) dengan output 3W+3W (2 channel stereo)
Banyak digunakan oleh DIY-ers sebagai power amplifier headphones, dengan menggunakan catu daya 5V cukup dari colokan usb sebagai sumber dayanya / charger HP. 85 more words

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Power OCL 300 W Stereo HQS

Kit ini termasuk kategori Kit HQS (High Quality System)

Keunggulan :
– Menggunakan komponen berkualitas tinggi dan handal, TR Jengkol Original.
– Menggunakan PCB fiberglass, tembaga jalur tidak mudah lepas… 40 more words

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Pass V-FET kits are here!

Forgot to post this a week ago when they arrived, but I managed to secure a couple of the Nelson Pass V-FET kits which I am quite excited about. 252 more words