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PCB Layout and Design using KiCad

The layout of the PCB is progressing well. I spent a few days getting the hardware (as in the old physical sense, not the new computer speak) right which gave me the size of the PCB. 233 more words


Seismic Spotlight:  Epicenter Power Amps

The Epicenter line of power amps are the professional workhorses of the Seismic Audio amplification line.  Built like tanks, the two models combine the most needed features for working musicians, DJs, and anyone else that prioritizes sound quality and power. 216 more words


Seismic Spotlight: Magnitude Power Amps

Today, we’ll check out the Magnitude series of power amps from Seismic Audio.  They are designed to deliver huge power at a tiny price.  Built tough to survive the rigors of the road, the Magnitude series is capable of stereo, parallel and bridge modes.   141 more words


Project files: Mains controller with offboard relay

What is it?
A version of my Standby-PSU & controller for applications that need to switch very high (or very low) currents, switch multiple relays or simply prefers to use an offboard relay, be it mechanical or SSR. 309 more words



Yes, I know it’s the title of a classic album from Australian group Crowded House but it is also an occasionally very popular way of finishing hifi products :D… 254 more words


Quad 404 - 2 Service and Upgrade Results

My good friend has now listened to his serviced and upgraded Quad 404 Mk 2 and emailed me his assessment:

“Btw…finally to answer your question…yes, Quad well worth the 200 smackers to renovate! 77 more words


One amp to rule them all?

After years of experimenting I am slowly getting an idea of what the “perfect” power amp for me looks like. Not so much in terms of sound because that will always be an issue of system matching, especially to the speakers, but more in terms of feature set. 521 more words