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Song of the day: 29 March 2015

In 1978, Billy Joel released his fifth studio album 52nd Street. From this album, the song Honesty was the third single. It is said to be one of the earlier power ballads, and the theme is the lack of honesty, even in the best relationships. 22 more words

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Song of the Day: Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns N' Roses)

As a child of the 1980’s it would be difficult to come up with a greatest guitar solo ever list and not make mention of the work of one Slash. 370 more words


Song of the Day: Fade to Black (by Metallica)


Love them or hate them there’s really no middle-ground when it comes to one of the Big Four of thrash metal. You either love the band even through their dabbling into hard rock and the Bob Rock-era or you hate them for the perceived selling out and the Bob Rock-era. 464 more words


Day 0052: Def Leppard - Love Bites

Artist: Def Leppard
Song: Love Bites
Album: Hysteria (1987)

Y’know, i’ve covered a lot of power ballads on here so far and I make no apologies for it. 355 more words


Song of the Day: I'll See You In My Dreams by Giant

I’ll See You In My Dreams

Gone, the voice that used to fill the room is all but gone
An echo of a perfect love that ended wrong… 213 more words

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Day 0025: Meat Loaf - Did I Say That?

Artist: Meat Loaf:
Song: Did I Say That?
Album: Couldn’t Have Said It Better (2003)

So I asked myself, “Do I love you so much… 457 more words


After All These Years

Preface: “After All These Years” is a power ballad by the band, Journey. It’s the first single from their 2008 album Revelation… 700 more words