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Pedro Couto asked the question: do unqualified managers and ghost workers explain power cuts and airline ban?

Some of Mozambique’s state companies were well run and profitable, but in the past decade many have become sloppy and inefficient, if not corrupt. Power cuts in Beira (Sofala Province) and Maputo reflected a decade of deferred maintenance and slow responses to problems at Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM). 628 more words

July 2016

Let's talk Rains

Being a Delhi person for a pretty long time,I have had the very justified love hate relationship with the rains. You can feel this even better if you have close friends living in Mumbai,Goa,Bengal or any coastal area where rain gods are bigtime generous. 489 more words

Dispatches from the Dark

Most countries mark the passage of seasons by the changing colours of the trees. In Libya, we mark it by the power cuts.

It must be summer, because the electricity has been cut not once, but twice today, marking a grand total of five hours of electricity. 440 more words


ఇంకా అధికారంలోనే బంజారాహిల్స్..

ఇంకా అధికారంలోనే బంజారాహిల్స్..

నిన్న కురిసిన భారీ వర్ష బీభత్సం నుంచి భాగ్యనగరం ఇంకా తేరుకోలేదు. గంటకు 50 నుంచి 100 కిలోమీటర్ల వేగంతో వీచిన గాలి దెబ్బకు ఎక్కడి చెట్లు అక్కడే కూలిపోయాయి…………..Read More……….

Review: Apr 2 -9... Wet and Wild Week

 It was a wet week that stared off with a cold grey and wet weekend.

I made a mess of things this weekend, and it just has to stop. 976 more words

2016 - This Year Is Mine!

Surprises can happen when the wind blows

LIST five things you love about yourself, someone on Instagram exhorted me. Well, it was Monday morning and quite honestly there could be little to love about anyone, least of all me, on a day that had broken in such a tempestuous way. 559 more words

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