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Build KalaBagh dam to reduce power cuts & water problems

بھارت فاسٹ ٹریک بنیادوں پر پاکستان کے 

دریائے چناب پر مقبوضہ کشمیر میں 66 ڈیم تعمیر کر رہا ہے


50ہم اپنے ہی دریائے سندھ پر کالاباغ ڈیم بنانے پر بھی 

 سال سے دشمن کی چلائی بحث میں الجھے ہوئے ہیں 

سب پاکستانی مل کر کالاباغ ڈیم بنائیں

سستی بجلی ،زیادہ پانی ،قومی ترقی ممکن بنائیں

Team Moonis Elahi


Sénégal, tu me manques déjà et je ne t'ai même pas quitté.

I’ve been finding myself crying at the drop of a hat in this, my last week in Dakar. A few of the things that have brought me to tears: 393 more words


The King Of The Generators

I met The King Of The Generators yesterday. By accident. I was taking pictures of some jigsaw pieces scattered in the dust, when a very well dressed man, followed by his wife and child came and observed. 534 more words

Iraqi Kurdistan

Dark Delights, Noisy Nights

First of all, I understand that the title can sound a bit misleading to some. I assure you that this is an innocent account of nostalgia. 472 more words

Daily Prompts

Dial 105

There is an advertisement on at least one commercial radio station inviting us to dial 105 if we have a power cut. This implies that not only does the establishment know we are on the edge of power cuts on a large scale but they want us to prepare for it.  161 more words

Bill Butterworth

Suffered a power Cut? Get compensation

You might be able to claim compensation if the electricity or gas supply to your home goes off.

Whether you can claim will depend on: 1,043 more words


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