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Adapting: Intermittent Water and Electricity

The apartment I stay in in Lusaka is not very different from my old apartment in Montreal. I have 2 bedrooms, a nice bathroom, balcony, big kitchen, parking lot, ect. 352 more words


Now you have "Power" over Bangalore's Power cuts!

Instano special offer – 1 KVA inverter + 120 Ah tubular Luminous battery at ₹ 13,000(Market price – ₹ 18,000). Don’t hurry, we’ll come to you if you’re interested! 296 more words

15 first night reflections

5 pre-flight thoughts:

1. Where is Malawi?

2. I don’t know how to do my job

3. Boarding times always lie– seriously why say 7 if we aren’t going to board til half past and then I have to sit on the plane for an hour because ‘Heathrow is busy at this time of day’. 764 more words

The Power

Roman was a little boy, with chubby cheeks and big, bright green eyes. He loved movies; most of them would be of superheroes. Now one day as he was watching his little television in the room; there was a power cut. 245 more words

True Fiction

Life Without Light #BangaloreBytes

It  was  pouring  heavily  since  an  hour.  It  seemed  like the sky  above  wasn’t  in  a  jolly  mood  unlike everyday.  It  seemed  to  be  soothing  someone’s  broken  heart.  520 more words


Memories are made of this... 1972 - Black Outs, Brown Sugar and Dodgy Wigs

I am just about to turn 18 in the February and things were challenging on the work front as we tried to overcome the effects of one of the most serious events in our social history after the war. 1,223 more words


My Kingdom for a Cup of Coffee!

So if I haven’t been around as much as usual the last few days it is because we have been having hectic power cuts!

On Thursday we had no electricity for… 211 more words