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... Is POTUS really This Crazy ?!?! [#tax increases][#executive action]...

.. well , he has pulled that damn jackhole stunt on immigration . Thankfully , it appears that a judge has called him on the carpet on it . 171 more words

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Perpetual Outrage Machine

There is so much to be upset about, isn’t there? It never ends . .  . the endless voices calling for your attention, the rising anger and boiling tension. 2,203 more words


.... Gee , Doesn't the E.P.A. have enough Power [#WOTUS]...

.. don’t those idiots ever get the message ?? ..

.. the courtanked d again . It does not matter whether it is a court with a liberal majority , or one with a conservative majority . 137 more words

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... Now the Department of InJustice gets its nose in [#Chicago]...

.. does it mean that the Chicago Police Department is a bunch of choirboys ? No , it does not . The state of Illinois has been on the City ‘ s case on its ability to operate and how it operates .. 104 more words

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... E.P.A. goes for Another PowerGrab [#ecosocialism]...

.. there they go again ! ..

.. just simply amazing , though . These idiots just try to grab for more and more power , without any controls on their legal restraints . 103 more words

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We told you so - new evidence confirms NEC power-grab rule package illegal

Even before events began to unfold at Labour’s annual Conference last month, the SKWAWKBOX warned that the right-wing Labour ‘machine’ was attempting a ‘silent coup’ – exploiting some rules and ignoring others to ram through a rule change intended to cancel leader Jeremy Corbyn’s democratically-achieved majority on the ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) against vehement opposition from those who understood what they were trying to do. 391 more words