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Turkey Continues Post-Coup Crackdown: Dogan Holding former chief executive Yahya Uzdiyen detained for relations with "Fethullah Terrorist Organisation"


© AFP/File | Since July over 41,000 people have been arrested after Turkey’s parliament imposed a state of emergency after the attempted overthrow of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan… 337 more words

Federalism: Is It Ending?

No one can argue that our federal government is growing larger. But the problem is that it’s growing at the expense of the states.

One of the important issues in the US Constitution is the concept of federalism — the way in which power is shared between the federal government and the state governments. 538 more words


... Is POTUS really This Crazy ?!?! [#tax increases][#executive action]...

.. well , he has pulled that damn jackhole stunt on immigration . Thankfully , it appears that a judge has called him on the carpet on it . 171 more words

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Perpetual Outrage Machine

There is so much to be upset about, isn’t there? It never ends . .  . the endless voices calling for your attention, the rising anger and boiling tension. 2,203 more words


.... Gee , Doesn't the E.P.A. have enough Power [#WOTUS]...

.. don’t those idiots ever get the message ?? ..

.. the courtanked d again . It does not matter whether it is a court with a liberal majority , or one with a conservative majority . 137 more words

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... Now the Department of InJustice gets its nose in [#Chicago]...

.. does it mean that the Chicago Police Department is a bunch of choirboys ? No , it does not . The state of Illinois has been on the City ‘ s case on its ability to operate and how it operates .. 104 more words

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