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Pilferage Power losses in Pakistan

Pakistan W.A.P.D.A. (Water and Power Development Authority) is providing electricity to all sectors of life since 1958. W.A.P.D.A. have a good quality of engineers in its every field. 479 more words

He Works Hard for His Money or: One Step at a Time


Today is a rough, rough, day, Dear Listener. We’ve not had power at our house since 11:05p last night. I’ve gone over the need of the CPAP, so I can assure you that I didn’t get any sleep last night. 374 more words


Post-Disaster Power Protectors

Whether manmade, naturally occurring or merely the result of a freak accident, power loss can disrupt your daily routines and activities and, at its worst, change life as you know it. 224 more words

Home And Shelters

President's Day

Yesterday was the first full day of Don & Gwen’s visit. We went to church together and then came home to eat lunch and take naps. 183 more words


Dear DMS Parents and Guardians:

Due to an unexpected and continued loss of power at Delran Middle School this morning as children were on their way to school, there will be an early closing.  71 more words

How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer - Reviewed.com Smartphones

Battery power and mobile devices.  They go together like oil and water.  Dogs and cats.  Love and hate.  Why do I say that?  Well, having spent Saturday at a football game, I watched my battery drop from 90% to 20% in a little over 4 hours.   102 more words


Imagine the chaos: FOX loses power to production truck for 2015 World Series Game 1 Royals and Mets – Program Manager’s perspective

I’ve had the ‘pleasure?’ of being involved when, well things go very wrong like they are right now on Fox network. Their production truck lost power and it has been offline for over an hour.  For this outage to be this long means this is no simple fix.   I can’t imagine there isn’t backup power available.  I don’t know how long it takes to reboot the production truck, but I KNOW it isn’t this long. 235 more words