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Dodging the bullet...

…for a day.

Or at least three-quarters of a day.

Looking at the television, and seeing snow in Philadelphia, New York and other spots, when it came time for me to walk the girls in the rain, I was a happy girl. 84 more words


ūüďĆ Pencils, Ballpoints and the Smith Corona Typewriter

We lost systems access in the middle of class.  Specifically, lights, and all the computers went black today.  The instructor paused, and the attendees exchanged worried looks.  388 more words


Another wrinkle in planetary internal convection induced dynamo theory

From Space.com. It’s worth reading between the lines of this one to see the perplexed furrows on the brows of the ‘surprised’ ¬†scientists.

The magnetic fields of planetary building blocks lasted for a surprisingly long time in the solar system’s early days, a new study suggests. 460 more words


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Isn't this something like the Alfven-Klein model of plasma flows?

Act G

The last century was essentially the century of physics. We went from thinking the sun shone because it was burning, to a deeper understanding of things nuclear like atoms, electrons, neutrons, mysterons and how to make our very own big bangs with a bit of fission or fusion by smashing or mashing them together. 3,200 more words


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money is being wasted on political science e.g. climate Change and so real science is left with no funding.