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New details emerge as a few Bolt EV packs continue to fail

A few Chevrolet Bolt EVs are continuing to have battery pack failures that can cause unexpected and relatively sudden loss of power while driving, according to General Motors and individual owner reports on social media sites. 1,659 more words


When things go awry

A lot has been going on and my writing to chronicle it is way behind, so I’m chipping away, one idea at a time. Here we are with post #4 on work-life balance. 2,109 more words

Everyday Thinking

When the Lights Went Out In the Greenbriar

Suddenly in the Greenbriar the lights went off, and my music. The refrigerator shuddered and grew quiet. Silence and darkness settled over my dinner, though my candle still burned. 860 more words

Night Sky

Why SSD failed after Abnormal Poweroff

Considering the SSD must be based on FTL to realize the data transfer between logical address and physical address, if there happens abnormal power-off in case of normal operation (read/program/erase), it may lead the loss of mapping table which has not finished updating and resulting in the SSD failed to be detected by host. 823 more words

Why SSDs need Power Failure/Loss Protection?

SSD Problems caused by power failure:

Generally power failure would cause 3 main problems to SSD when PC runs.

  1. Mapping table might get lost because there is no enough time to update and store it.
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