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Power of Love

You think you know where I’m going with this one, right? Something poetic about the power of romantic love. While that is important, I’m going to be talking about non romantic love – instead of the I’ve found my soulmate, it’s about the power of caring. 221 more words

Love me tender

don’t let them make you hard
my sweet warrior
your vulnerability is for me
the most precious part of you
I know
life is not fair… 64 more words


Power of love!

Power of love και Στέλλα Μιζεράκη: Πληρώνω όσο όσο για να βάλω χορηγό εταιρεία με μωρομάντιλα, να την βλέπω να ξεβάφεται και να επιμένει ακόμη πως έτσι ξυπνάει το πρωί!😨😱👻😂😂😂 21 more words

Στέλλα Μιζεράκη

Live Friday Nights: Huey Lewis And The News - Power Of Love

Since I might be seeing him live with my mom, I thought I’d come back to LFN with a song by Huey.


Let Your Love Flow

Lengthen the breath so that you may draw more prāṇa (subtle energy behind the breath) in. Give attention to the gut as you fill it with loving energy,  and the heart as you open up the love, generating it. 221 more words


The most powerful energy in universe

love is the most powerful energy in universe
it’s simple and doesn’t want to analyze
it doesn’t want to change
but it changes everything
it’s like an offering hand… 37 more words


Along the Road: Day Thirty`One

By the camp`fire
the man with alzheimer’s
sat holding the woman’s hand
wherever she walked he followed
at home again in her presence
his memory now in hers… 71 more words