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Without Forgiveness Love is Powerless

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., here is one of my favorite quotes:

Today’s energy is full of pressure and dis-ease. People are strung beyond their limits with  many screeching like cats in heated territory debates. 122 more words


Martin Luther King Jr. and The Power of L.O.V.E

 I believe that is where his strength came from:

“Now there is a final reason I think that Jesus says, ”LOVE your enemies.“
It is this: that… 127 more words


10 things I would tell my 10 year old self

To help ring in the New Year, here are 10 important things I would tell myself at 10 years old…

  1. Be You, whatever that means. There is no need to try to be something you’re not just so people will like you.
  2. 342 more words

Christmas Eve at the Old Parish Church

Location: Old Parish Church, Main Street, Weston, Vermont

Inspiring quote: “Love can never and will never leave you.” – Reverend Jon Bliss

Was I brought to tears?: My eyes did well up three times. 1,053 more words


Love Tremors

When the Divine fills you up entirely,

You become an erupting volcano, emitting  pure Love that covers everything in its path.

Even now, you and the whole earth are experiencing Love tremors.



You are not a saint.
Yet, you have so much grace .
You are a sinner.
Yet, you are more than your sin.
I am strong as I think.
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