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David Icke 2018 ☯ Remember Who You Are Part 1[UPDATE] ~ June 10, 2018

David Icke comes to us with a message for truth. Please watch this l-o-n-g video and understand why truth, while under serious attack by crazy governments driven by unseen dark forces, has WON. 8 more words

A heart like mine loves a human called you

I could ask my heart why it loves you, as I could ask the sun why it does shine.

I could ask myself why it chose you, as I could ask the wolf why it chose to howl. 135 more words


Love yourself!!!!

We all know that Self love is one of the secret for happiness.But tell me do we really love ourselves??Is it so easy to love and be happy despite of all the flaws and disputes we  struggle with daily. 397 more words


Human Plans and Divine Triggers

As Humans we make plans.
They make us feel safe.
We like the illusion of supervising each details
and we think to have everything under control… 194 more words



As long as I have you


Sometimes the whole world seems too much

You brush it off

With your loving touch 61 more words


Clay Pots And the Power of Love (2 Cor 4:5-12)

     Several weeks ago, Bishop Curry preached a sermon at Prince Harry & Meghan Markel’s wedding that ignited conversation around the globe. His words were reprinted, quoted and tweeted many times over. 1,634 more words


The Storm Factor

Shifts unfold through storms:
events that come into our life to stir things up.
A lot!

To embrace the storms and pass them
we can stand in the Power of our Hearts… 143 more words