The Power of No

No is a two letter word, but it is one that has a mighty impact. No means stop. No means I don’t want to. But, most importantly, no means no. 483 more words


Teach Children the Power of "No"

We all have childhood experiences with our parents or others forcing us to hug someone we didn’t want to. But what if we had permission to say “no” when confronted with someone’s open arms? 635 more words

Sexual Abuse

Learn to Say No!

One of the business blogs I follow is the Leadership Freak by Dan Rockwell. Dan had a post about the importance for Leaders and Managers to learn to say No. 324 more words

The Power of No: Sleep

In the last two blogs we have been discussing the idea that “no” is not a four letter word.  This is a concept presented in a book by Dr. 465 more words

The Power of No: Swimming Against the Tide

In my last blog I introduced the book, “No: Why Kids of All Ages Need to Hear It” by Dr. David Walsh. His basic thesis is that we need to help our children develop the important character traits of self discipline and self control by using the word “no” from time to time. 393 more words

The Power of No - Are marshmallows the Key To Success?

In the 1960’s a psychologist at Stanford University named Walter Mischel performed a simple experiment with profound results. Walter gathered a group of four year old children and took each one into a room one at a time. 490 more words