The Unique Bill Murray Technique For Saying 'Yes'

I can’t say “No.”

If people ask me for something, it’s really hard for me to balance their needs with my own.

Like, if I need to spend time with my kids. 686 more words

Its' time to learn saying 'NO'

One of the toughest and stressed situation ever, saying YES while neither agree nor disagree on something.

It is an usual phenomena, you feel trapped with some unwanted request and fall in trench of push-pull situation at home and your work place. 873 more words

Life Change

I'm back...and I know Why!

As you can see it has been almost 6 months since I posted.  It has also been 6 months since I had open heart surgery.   It has been tough but I am here, stronger than I was before.   631 more words


The well-chosen No, sanity, and association excellence @AzSAE event

How good are we all at saying No to things? Pretty darned good, I’ve discovered—at least when it comes to things that are satisfying and fulfilling. 315 more words

Change Of Venue

The Power of No by Matthew Williams

It’s only one syllable, only two letters, yet for many it’s the most difficult word to say. Elton John – you’re wrong; it seems to me that ‘no’ seems to be the hardest word. 542 more words

Power Of No

What If Life was Exactly Like The Internet?

Imagine if life was exactly like the Internet? Well, let me rephrase that slightly: imagine if the tiny fragments of ‘real life’ that remain to us were exactly like the Internet? 837 more words