Have you ever felt like you are free-falling? Everything you are trying to get done is coming undone. Your relationships are broken, your finances are in chaos, and your mind is racing and your nights are sleepless, and you feel all alone. 270 more words


Jackie & John The Podcast Episode 16: Not Even on a Brioche Bun

Your FAVORITE Duo is back with the FIRST episode of 2019

We introduce a New Segment with This or That.

We talk about the Power of NO. 45 more words


There's power in 'No'

We live in a culture where people are continually pushed for more. And more. And more. It seems more days than not, we consider a person successful when they’re working 60 hours a week. 832 more words

stop go

I’m always in a never ending cycle of deciding whether I should grow in my office or quit my job. My jobs typically leave me satisfied financially but they frustrate me because they’re no where near helping me reach my fullest potential. 122 more words

Diary Entry

The power of 'No'

Often it happens in our life that we eagerly wait for a ‘yes’. May it be an application for admission into a school, a marriage proposal, a job offer or a simple argument. 600 more words

The Power of No

No is a two letter word, but it is one that has a mighty impact. No means stop. No means I don’t want to. But, most importantly, no means no. 483 more words