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Happy 2018 - Day 19 - Nothing truly exists outside of the Now

I’ve always had a brain that’s¬†messier than a teenager’s bedroom, so when a friend recommended reading Eckhart Tolle’s, ‘The Power of Now,’ I didn’t need much encouraging. 335 more words

Happy 2018: 365 Days Of Happy!

The "WATCH" of Life


Out in the garden they were, a 2 year old baby boy Rihan playing with a 10 year old girl Kashvi, and there I was, sitting in the corner of the garden watching them play. 544 more words

Paint Your Life

The one thing guaranteed to make you happier...

Gratitude. Being grateful.

We always here leaders, spiritual teachers, and motivational speakers tell us that being grateful is the key to success, to happiness. Every time I’ve heard them utter those words I do a little eternal eye roll. 503 more words




The girls and I are trying something new this year. After school we sit on the television room rug, facing in a circle. We call this POW. 265 more words

Present Moment

Seeking anything other than the present moment, puts the evolution of your soul on ‘pause.’

Present Moment

The Present Moment

If you want to be in the present moment, get there!

Life Lessons

The Path

The coming back to the path (the present moment) is a blip. Moving away from the path, (veering), is miles and miles.

Present Moment