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Understanding "Mindfulness"...

I had a sort of mini-revelation as I was lying in bed early this morning. Considering I have been “practicing” meditation for over 50 years and had read about and practiced “mindfulness” for many years as well – it sure took a long time to sink in to this stage of “getting it”! 1,053 more words


Power of Now...

Once upon a time, there were three brothers Past, Present, Future. Everyone used to love to play with them. Most of the people liked Past and Future. 551 more words

The art of surrender.....eh! easier said than done!!

I hope all of you have had a calmer past few days then I have had??

It has been crazy to say the least. Heightened emotions in work, distracted mind, unsettled sleep and then Wham!!!! 555 more words

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle: Book Review

For book review, skip to Book Review title.

It is almost impossible to turn the TV on, the radio, or to go to a bookstore, and not run into the book “The Power of Now”. 455 more words


Cognitive Dissonance and Spirituality

Along my spiritual journey I have met many people from all walks of life embracing various paths within spirituality. The interesting thing was, each of them were convinced their path was… 632 more words


The Time Is Now

The time is always now. If you ask someone on the street for the time, you may get a different answer, but the time is truly always now. 269 more words


Here’s a beautiful song called, “Now” which was played during the closing credits in the movie, “My Greatest Teacher.”  “Now… 24 more words