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There are times when silence can be heard.


When does the suffering end?

Do you often feel your emotions and negative thinking get the best of you? As if you have lost all control over a situation because of what’s in your mind? 524 more words


Stop saying, "I will start tomorrow."

Despite money, social status and successes, none of us can buy time. All we have is now. Therefore, stop saying you will ‘start tomorrow’.

Decision Making

Feeling grumpy 😑

“I’m feeling grumpy”

Grumpy is not who I am

It doesn’t mean anything about me

I am simply aware of the feeling,

grumpy, fed up, pissed off. 38 more words

Power Of Now


The plot may thicken at times but the scene remains the same—an aperture of relating to what passes. This moment is where you belong.


Change your vibration, change your life.


Life is Unconditional!

It seems as if life is challenging, a struggle, full of suffering.

I could go on and on and on about how it seems.  In fact that’s what happens, regularly, thoughts spontaneously appear, complaining about how bad life is, while completely overlooking the actual here and now experience. 22 more words