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One day

Today I embraced a new alarm again.
I opened my eyes on the sun rising behind the palm trees through my window. I felt grateful I was still alive, for another day. 379 more words


The broken and the beautiful me....

(The messages)

Thirty years ago when I was pregnant we moved to a new town and I didn’t know any of my neighbours, but when my baby was born people always stopped to talk to me. 450 more words

Inner Beauty

I know Today only

Once Buddha decided to go away for a little while. He asked his chief disciples like Ananda, Shariputra and others to stay back at the monastery while he ventured out on his own. 365 more words

I love Eckhart Tolle!

“The light of your presence needs to be strong enough so that you no longer get taken over by the thinker or the pain body and mistake them for who you are.” Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

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Inner Beauty

Amen. Namaste.

I grew up in church. It was a Southern Baptist church; the pews were wooden with fabric cushion. The hymnals were blue, and they were sporadically placed along the backs of each pew in attached wooden shelves. 1,452 more words




Trust is a heart quality and not an easy one to master. We begin our journey on earth as children, trusting our parents. We are helpless infants, in need to be fed and cared for. 829 more words


Meeting death

I imagined my funerals hundred times. Every time I decided to end my life, I saw my body, either criminated or cold on a floor, waiting to be washed. 896 more words