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An evening with Eckhart Tolle

I admit it. I found The Power of Now a hard slog and didn’t finish it on first attempt.

So when Eckhart Tolle announced he was coming to Melbourne on 24 April 2017, I bought a ticket and the date was set to finish reading his first and best-selling book on spiritual enlightenment and living in the now, first published in 1997. 399 more words


Glorious Food

Food. I utterly love it, I have friends who say that they would happily just take a pill in place of eating, and although this could be exceptionally handy for the times that I forget to eat (more often than I would like, it leads to much hangry), as a way of life, I would find this incredibly depressing. 359 more words

Recapping the last few weeks.

Hi all,

Ru back, and I promise this time I will stay. :)

The below is just a small recap of what has been going on in my life since my last major post. 406 more words

The Foundry

Why try so hard when everything is trancient

Success or the otherwise, life goes on and we find that sometimes we are on the upside, sometimes we are not. There are many uncertainties in life, so many things that are out of our control, but one thing for sure, nothing is permanent. 136 more words

E for Exhausted, Envious and Empty? --Empowering thoughts from Eckhart Tolle

Exhausted… tired, drained, running from pillar to post to satisfy expectations set sky high?

Envious…looking at the fancy facebook lives, exotic vacation posts, promotion news, awards and other’s “blessings” and “luck” 462 more words


Meditation Healing During Menstruation

A woman’s soul is like the ocean. Turbulent and choppy on the surface at times, but beneath the crest and breaking waves is a limitless, unshakable depth of strength and resolve.

242 more words