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Importance of Failing ?


  • I don’t believe that success comes in one night you have work for it . Hard work is really necessary . But if one can achieve everything only in first attempt then he will not know the taste of hard work and will never be able to understand the value of earning something with all the hard work and joy .
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False New Age Teacher, Eckhart Tolle, Teaches a False Jesus

Marcia Montenegro wrote an interesting article about Eckhart Tolle:

A New Earth sold more than 3.5 million copies in the first four weeks after it was added to Oprah’s book club.

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New Age Spirituality Exposed

Gaia and Humans

There is a deep dwelling in human form to be met, felt and expressed. A long journey within to the perfection of life, unfolding, receiving and becoming whole. 1,670 more words


Nothing Matters (I am Nothing)

(Note – I don’t aim to attack anyone’s identity, personal beliefs or religion here. So I you don’t have a thick skin to digest the stuff then please don’t proceed and waste your time) 1,798 more words


Those Secrets

I often asked myself why I did not love the Earth

Who had made me so tender and imperfect

The secret to living a life well lived? 226 more words


Happiness is...

Happiness is going after something you want really bad…or is it?​


Life with no past, no furure

​I have been pondering on this thought and desire for a while, what if life is truly purposeless, what if nothing suppose to be planned and achieved. 144 more words