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Seeing through thoughts dilemma.

It’s winter, I haven’t ridden my bicycle much and want to go for a ride on this fine winters day.

But thoughts are busy troopers with plenty to say about what to do; 193 more words


I am not a story!

It seems as if I am separate from what is known.

Superior and in control.

It seems as if there is a mini-me reacting to triggers and saying and doing things, 164 more words


Present Moment Awareness

Anything that is not this moment hasn’t happened and may never happen. The only thing to reach for is more of the love that you truly are.


Why do I write?

I write to see through the illusion

The illusion that thoughts create

About a me

Doing life

All alone

A me who is a drama queen at times… 77 more words



Seek out the breath instead of the thought.


The Breath

In that moment when you can’t find your breath, call out, and I will remind you where it is.


Life is okay with that

“Life should not be like this”

These are the thoughts that are like a

constant nagging noise

Thoughts that seem to be in the background… 114 more words