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China’s Cheap Coal Slows Switch To Natural Gas

Fracking has really dropped the price of natural gas in the USA leading to major switch from coal to natural gas in power plants.

But China is… 165 more words


Terminology in Power Plants

Capacity Factor of Power Plant

A plant with 1000 MW Capacity produces 7.5 Million MWh annually what will be the capacity factor of the Plant ? 267 more words

Coal Fired Power Plants

Coal fired power plants are the main suppliers of electricity in the world, supplying more electricity then any other fuel. Coal is considered very much dirty fuel and also poses serious environmental problems. 345 more words

Thermal Power Plants

Thermal power plants are the main type of power plants used to generate power in the world. These plants are based on thermodynamic cycles like Rankine Cycle, Brayton Cycle, Combined Cycles etc. 63 more words

Three More LNG Coal Based Power Plants on Cards

dailytimes.com.pk, May 09,’16

The Pakistan government has decided to construct three more coal and LNG-based power plants of 880 MW in collaboration with the private sector. 36 more words

International News

Electric utility hit by ransomware shuts down IT systems for a week

The third-largest electric and water utility in Michigan has shut down all its corporate IT systems while it attempts to clean up after a ransomware attack. 463 more words