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Don't Miss: The Bangles @ 9:30 Club, 8/21/16

The Bangles at the start of their career (Photo by Karen Filter)

If you were alive and watching television in 1986, and you previously did not know of The Bangles, MTV introduced them to a wider world with the music video for their hit “Walk Like an Egyptian,” which features a famously “sexy stare” from guitarist and co-vocalist Susanna Hoffs. 334 more words

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"This Better Be Good" by Fountains of Wayne (2007)

“This Better Be Good” is a song by Fountains of Wayne, which appears on their album Traffic and Weather, released in 2007. I’m going to have to be careful here not to just gush overwhelmingly about how much I love this band, about how much their music means to me, and blah blah, so instead I’m going to break up my giant SONG CRUSH on this band over several posts about their music. 2,465 more words


French Power Pop - What is the magic?

The first French band that grabbed my attention was Les Rita Mitsouko in the ’80s.

Upon listening to my random YouTube mix today, a French band that I had never heard before called Manceau popped up in the mix and I was instantly transported away: 140 more words

Song of the Day - HOLYCHILD - Power Play ft. RAC

A little bit of brat pop to lighten up your Friday comes your way courtesy of HOLYCHILD with their latest single Power Play off of their latest EP, America Oil Lamb. 16 more words

The Telltale Mind

1010. all I want is you

In which the (comparatively) early Roxy Music remind us that among other cool and artful tricks, they could kick out rock solid power pop that was years ahead of its time. 19 more words

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Don't Miss: The Go-Go's @ Warner Theatre, 8/5/16

The Go-Go’s (Photo courtesy Primary Wave)

It was 1996. I had recently relocted to DC, and I was digging through the stacks of discs at CDepot in College Park, Md., for a specific prize. 554 more words

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679. Kimono My House - Sparks

Brief Background: Kimono My House is the third album by the American band Sparks. This album was recorded in the UK during the end of 1973 after the band moved there to capitalize on the Glam Rock scene. 309 more words