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TSM Best in the West? No Way.

Entering the inaugural franchised season, Team Solomid touted their brand new bot-lane duo of Zven and Mithy. They shouted loudly that this duo was the “Best in the West” and that they would crush anyone they came in contact with. 946 more words

League Of Legends

CFL Power Rankings - After Week 2

Now that every team has played a game, I figured it was time to release my own Power Rankings. Everyone sees things differently and uses different factors when putting these ranks together. 261 more words

USL power ratings: June 25, 2018

A new team finds itself atop the East… for how long? Don’t forget to follow the site on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for all the content on USL, US Soccer, and Nashville SC. 1,239 more words

Nashville SC


{Editors Note:  Brian has created his “Trade Value Power Rankings” as a way of cataloging the various assets that the Sixers hold. Like all valuations, some will stay very consistent, while others swing in value wildly. 4,354 more words


World Cup Rankings- Matchday 2: Normalcy is Restored While Others Say Goodbye

It was no shock seeing Brazil and Spain at the top of the groups this week as Matchday 2 led to more of what was expected from the “big boys” in Russia. 2,450 more words

World Cup

Power Rankings #2

In the first power rankings, the list began with Staunton, and the next three were Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and Front Royal. That was nine days ago, and things look quite different now, so it’s time once again to look at the League’s power rankings! 512 more words

Charlottesville Tom Sox