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Linear power supply part 2

One thing to watch out for is the main power transistor getting too hot. It shouldn’t be too hard to add temperature feedback with a bit more work. 302 more words


Linear power supply part 1

So I had a nice home


+/-15V linear power supply. It wasn’t anything fancy. Just a 15VA transformer with dual 18V secondaries and 7815/7915 linear regulators.

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Available computer parts and price

Call for Desktop parts listed below:

Motherboard:G31=2100 Taka, G41=2600 taka, H61=2600 Taka, D845=1200 Taka, Pinless DDR1=1700 Taka, G45=2600 taka,

Hard Disk:40GB=450 Taka, 80GB=750 Taka, 160GB=1300 Taka, 250GB=1700 Taka, 320GB=2000 Taka. 61 more words


More Spare Parts added to IBE's Huge Parts Inventory!!! Siemens, Panasonc, Universal, Dek and more

We have over 12,000 part numbers in stock that are SMT Equipment Related.  We can ship overnight and save you up to 60%! 3,469 more words

The Reincarnation of a Power Supply: a small investigation into 'audio grade' components

Google the right phrase and in less than half a second you’ll be greeted by a myriad of archived forums within which raged up audiophiles argued until their crossovers bled with confusion over whether ‘audio grade’ components are truly worth the extra dosh or simply another scandalous piece of marketing hype. 494 more words


The harsh reality of living with load shedding

We all in South Africa had been dealing with controlled load shedding the last couple of months, everyone in their particular way. This crisis management of the national power supply has a ripple effect that reaches every domain of our society in an adverse way. 381 more words


Hacked Together 12V Power Supply

A few years back I was working for a local computer repair shop and I had a bit of an issue. You see my boss at the time decided to get into the security camera systems industry. 207 more words