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Reducing the energy poverty gap, Nigeria embarks on ambitious plan to increase power generation

The Government of Nigeria has set an ambitious target to increase installed electricity generation capacity to 40,000 MW in the medium to long term, with renewable energy such as solar photovoltaic (PV) potentially making up a large share.  383 more words

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Power Supply Concept Sketches

Wow, today it’s me: your old friend Katie. You remember. Hello!

I’m designing the circuit enclosure and user interface for our power supply project, and boy do I have a lot of thoughts to share about that. 2,276 more words

What are the Precautions for High Voltage Power Supply?

Before you interface any hardware to the high voltage dependably watch that the gear is not unmistakably harmed and that leads are not harmed. This applies to any electrical hardware whether homemade or purchased as links can crumble over the long run particularly if they are not put away legitimately. 463 more words

Power Supply

Power Generation Capacity

Power generation capacity and a lack of new and planned capacity is a major barrier to the growth of the energy sector in terms of meeting demand. 499 more words

DIY bench power supply from computer power supplies

This could be a DIY project. Will publish results once i complete the project. This can be used to replace the wall warts, power battery operated tools…? 42 more words


A Brief "How To" On Replacing The Power Supply In Your Computer

One of the most popular articles, at What’s On My PC, is about pinpointing whether a power supply is failing or not (Symptoms of a Failing Computer Power Supply… 155 more words


Benefits of online UPS

When we talk of UPS or uninterrupted power supply, we usually forget to state the condition of the system, whether offline or online. There is a difference between these two types of UPS technology. 272 more words

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