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#1597 - Hello from Indonesia


So as you may have known, yesterday afternoon I arrived in Indonesia!! Yay, the start of my summer vacation!! :D Obviously not much to share here yet, but here are a couple of things :D… 438 more words

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Amazon Wind Power

Wind power describes the process by which large turbines, or modern windmills use the wind to generate electricity. According to information provided by Shiri Blatt of Amazon Web Services, Amazon.com’s commitment to using renewable energy sources within the Amazon Web Services division includes using wind power at various locations around the world. 204 more words


Solar Inverter Harnessed For Versatile Applications

Solar energy is basically the energy from the sun in the form of heat and light .The power contained in the solar energy can be harnessed for mechanical application such as cooking food or for generation of electricity, through solar panels, designed for specific purpose. 282 more words

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Is it possible to break the Raspberry Pi?

When I took delivery of my original Raspberry Pi (Model B) the board arrived packed in a sturdy plastic case, not unlike an audio or DAT cassette box (a reference which instantly shows my age…) 1,272 more words

Raspberry Pi

It's Been Quite A While...

Yikes! It’s been over two years since I last posted anything. It’s not that I didn’t want to. Priorities shift over time and since this site is more of a hobby for me I had to put things on the back burner for a while. 88 more words

Raspberry Pi

Retro TO-3 Switching Voltage Regulator

Restoring old gear often means replacing unavailable parts with modern equivalents. needed to replace some old TO-3 voltage regulators and decided to make an authentic-looking switching power supply… 187 more words

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Plug and Play Uninterruptible Power Supplies

This unit is quiet and thus is suitable for home use and offices, Connected straight to your db board by our electricians and stored in a convenient place on your property. 38 more words