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Here's one way to get a shop full of tools...

If you’re a beginning woodworker like me, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to set up the woodworking shop of your dreams… and wondering how you’ll ever get to have it. 77 more words


Empower Yourself

In a movie I recently watched (then re-watched, because I loved it so much) one of the characters was telling his father-in-law that he would no longer participate in the lucrative business of selling slaves that their family participated in. 273 more words

Power Tools

Need Repairs? Call AIRMATIC!

Do you have tools or machinery in need of repair? AIRMATIC’s Service Group modifies, repairs, and rebuilds portable, stationary, and truck-mounted power tools, construction/outdoor equipment, and small engines at our shop in Malvern, PA. 106 more words


How Challenging Can Change Your Life

What is a challenge?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a challenge as, “an objection or query as to the truth of something.”

That’s true, but to put it more simply, a challenge is when a goldfish jumps out of its tank, not knowing what it will find on the other side of the glass. 1,037 more words

Power Tools

How to DIY A Wood Box Centerpiece

Hello there!

This project is as simple as building a box…well, because you ARE building a box.  Ha!  Seriously, it’s that easy!  5 boards, only 2 different cuts, nails and glue.   371 more words

What's She Drilling?

unCommon People: Bringing shop class and a new kind of workforce to New Orleans

In 2005, Aaron Frumin threw his hands up, dropped out of college and joined the Red Cross to respond to Hurricane Katrina. Once his extended term was up, he still wasn’t ready to return to a desk so he worked as a day laborer. 616 more words

Choose The Best Wood Saw For The Job

Suggestions on Selecting Saws Click here for more woodworking articles. 1) Select a blade size Saw blades are very expensive, the less saw blades you buy, the better off you will be. 25 more words