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How can I get Win10_1511_1_English_x64.iso or Win10_1511_1_EnglishInternational_x64.iso ?

I now officially hate Microsoft download sites.

I’m trying to fix a friends PC where Windows 10 has screwed up (after he installed, it loads, but the screen turns black without a mouse cursor which indicates the video drivers are likely hosed). 100 more words

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View Headers and Source from Outlook .msg file - via Super User

Sometimes people give you .msg files saved from Outlook instead of forwarding those mails by e-mail.

Opening a .msg file requires Outlook.

You don’t need to bind Outlook to an e-mail account for this (so you can skip those steps when asked the first time Outlook opens). 68 more words

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"Unable to connect to the MKS": the port 902 problem.

A message like “Unable to connect to the MKS” usually does not mean you have reached the maximum of 10 connections for a VM.

Usually it means there is some network issue, like a firewall or router misconfiguration. 152 more words

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Multi-WAN routers compared

Mikrotik have statistics and way more features. Of the not so good features on the TP-LINK ER-5120 multi-WAN router (none of which are mentioned in their documentation), the worst 2 are: 430 more words

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Nice diskinfo alias showing du, df, btrfs, parted, lsblk

I bumped into a disk full issue again because of the btrfs/snapper combination in openSuSE and df basically lying about the disk space, so Iw rote this  38 more words

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Android ADB over TCP/IP

Android ADB over TCP/IP can be a bit of a pain to setup. Some devices have a built-in option to enable this (by default on port 5555), otherwise you have to connect through USB first, then use ADB to enable TCP/IP: 70 more words