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Invite people to a Google Hangouts session with you by constructing a manual invitation URL


Did you know that you could share a link to let people chat with you in Hangouts?

We use these links for certain invites, but they work if you hand build them and share them too.

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Webserver cipher hardening links

There are quite a few pages on Webserver Cypher Hardening. This is yet another one born because I didn’t know how to compare these lists and why they were so different. 203 more words

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Beyond Compare - AUGUST 19, 2016

via Download Beyond Compare I found out about this new update: – AUGUST 19, 2016

Notable Changes
  • Text Merge output files will now be written using file format external conversion settings.
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Olive - Juniper Clue

The original http://juniper.cluepon.net/index.php/Olive is gone, but the WayBack machine sitll has it: Olive – Juniper Clue

It describes how to install JUNOS on x86/x64 (or emulated) hardware. 13 more words

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