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Displaying Linux Log files with journalctl

journalctl is a systemd utility that allows the journal to be queried. journalctl command examples for displaying system log files on a systemd Linux system. How to enable persistent journal entries.

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PowerApps for Power Users - Part I

Are you a power user who would like to learn PowerApps? This series is perfectly for you. In this introductory part, let us take a glance at the following: 1,957 more words

Microsoft Flow

OnePlus Stock

In the past, lots of people were waiting for invites.

Now they’re look at [WayBackOnePlus Stock:

Overview of products sold by OnePlus!

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In this tutorial you will learn how to configure pfSense to load balance and…

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure pfSense to load balance and fail over traffic from a LAN to multiple Internet connections (WANs) i.e.… – Joe C. 17 more words

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Often, SVG animates a lot better than GIF. Keep this in mind:

Not only should the image be a good candidate for SVG, but SVG should also be a good candidate for the image.

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Learn to fail - Changing our attitude towards failure - booking.com


By accepting that failing is part of learning, we decrease our fear of failure and become more willing to experiment with new ideas. As we experiment and seek feedback, we will see how this benefits our customers, by creating a great product that is built on data and not opinions.

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