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Many people realised that "You are right" cuts short of a lot of discussions. But it has made coaching my brother as a custodian lot harder.

This actually is become more and more of a problem, so any hints to handle situations like this are more than welcome.

The problem is that my mentally retarded brother found this out all by himself some 18 months ago, which makes it extremely hard to coach him and be his custodian.

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When clonezilla shows "overlayfs missing workdir" during boot, then hangs

Clonezilla is a nice partition cloning tool, but sometimes booting it just gives you this message on the screen:

overlayfs missing workdir

As it’s the first message during boot, searching for…

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Notifications - Google+

As I keep forgetting the Notifications – Google+ URL and G+ kills “older” notifications: https://plus.google.com/notifications/all


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