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Calls from 18553308653 might be because someone is trying to use your phone number to setup a Microsoft account two factor authentication

Got some calls to my phone numbers in The Netherlands from 18553308653 that I did not ask for. The below searches revealed it is likely someone trying to use those to setup Two Factor Authentication. 143 more words

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That duh moment when you cannot read an SD card: it's SDHC/SDXC in an SD card reader; Secure Digital - Wikipedia

That moment you facepalm yourself because you forgot that particular machine won’t read SD cards because they are too big for the SD card reader in it: SD goes up to 4 gigabyte, anything bigger (nowadays basically everything) requires SDXC or SDHC compatible readers. 284 more words


Windows 7..10: disable shutdown/hibernate/sleep/restart from UI

I needed this for the Windows 10 machine of my mentally retarded brother: WoL (wake-on LAN) for his machine always works when it is in sleep or deep sleep mode, not every now and then fails when fully powered off. 475 more words

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Windows <= 10: batch file to open Windows Update panel

Up until Widows 8.1, you could use wuapp to start the Windows Update panel.

For a while, Windows 10 needed a cumbersome language specific workaround described at… 191 more words


VNC, Windows and UAC prompts

Since I needed to maintain a Windows PC behind a VPN connection via the console (so not via RDP sessions) including installation of software, I needed a (preferably free or open source) solution supporting elevation through… 280 more words

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Ancient Unix based keyboard shortcuts

Somehow I’ve been doing Unix like work off and on for most of my life. So I know many ancient shell shortcuts (like Ctrl-E for… 156 more words