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Namaste: Strength & Empowerment

This blog is intended to help me chart my course. To help me find out what it is I want in life. And that often comes with a lot of stress about the future.  471 more words


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#Fitness #KeepFit #WorkOut #FitLife #PowerYoga #FitKenyaBootCamp #FitnessBootCamp #KundaliniYoga #TaeKwonDo #Kids #KidsTaeKwonDo

Tuesday Night Yoga

I can’t express to you guys how much I love this yoga class. Everytime I leave stress I didn’t even know was there is gone along with all that body tension that comes with training. 26 more words


Witnessing Stillness

I always feel privileged to be a yoga teacher: to watch students, to watch over them, to encourage and guide them.

Tonight there was a nice big crowd for Power Yoga. 102 more words


~Yoga to help the “Passover”~

Ever felt a little clogged up during Passover?
Yoga to the rescue!
Here’s how… 

Yoga poses for weight-loss. Yoga poses to build muscle. Yoga poses to get lean. 827 more words


For the Love of Chaturanga - Core Power Yoga Review

I was never one of those folks who really understood why people liked yoga so much.  Because I am type A, and according to my MBTI assessment I have a preference for Sensing and Judging, I like things to be effective and efficient, including my workouts.  980 more words


What's Up With All These 'Yogas?'

When I first started practicing yoga, I thought it was all the same; stretching and bending…and well, that’s it. I expected hot yoga to be nothing more than those stretches in a really hot room. 1,827 more words