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This is one of the most advanced forms of yoga. This is a vinasa style class,

meaning theposes flow from one to the next without stopping. 37 more words


Oh, Oh. I'm 49. WTF???

How can this be?

I’m most grateful to be alive and kickin’.  The alternative isn’t what I want until years from now.  I have a goal of being able to do the splits when I am 90. 76 more words

The Moments That Make Up a Life

Yesterday morning I did something I haven’t done in months. I went to a heated power yoga class with one of my best friends and yoga buddies. 583 more words

Everyday Life

unexpectedly awesome news

I requested several cities for my Fall and Spring clinical rotations (you have to leave the area, which I think is sort of stupid but I knew that going into the program). 245 more words

Albuquerque Yoga


My 2 week internship at Concentra was fabulous. I am going to miss everyone there.  I couldn’t have been placed anywhere better.  I really wish I could just stay there – but I will be going back to the classroom in two weeks… 174 more words

I just can't believe how cool this is

It is my last of day of the Concentra internship.  Time has flown by way too quickly.  I’ve learned so much, the staff/clients have all been terrific, and I haven’t had to sit in a stuffy classroom for 2 blessed weeks.   11 more words


I’m teaching my warm room Inversion and Arm balance focused class at 4 pm tonight at Vivify Hot Yoga vivifynm.com. I am watching the clock even though it is only 9 am. 70 more words