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Teaching my first international yoga class

Earlier this month I taught my first yoga class abroad in Santos, Brazil. To be honest, I was nervous AF.

Yes, I have taught yoga at CorePower Yoga studio for over a year and even been a coach for a couple yoga teacher training programs, but even before my classes, more often than not, I would get pre-class jitters. 726 more words


Fusion Fitness: New Ways to a Healthier You

Living in a city like Mumbai, where people are constantly on the move and living a hectic lifestyle, Fitness Regimes have become the need of the hour.  660 more words

Urdva Dhanurasana/Wheel Pose

I love Love LOVE Wheel Pose.  Have since I was a kiddo.  It is Day 14 (tomorrow’s) pose for Vivify Hot Yoga NM’s #vivifylucky17 and I’m honored to be leading this advanced posture :) 360 more words


Today, not so lazy

I had literally one of the most intense and difficult workouts today that I can truly recall.

Day 7 of classes at The Ashram (ok there were 1100 others but they were 2 years ago).   402 more words


Albany, NY: Hot Yoga Spot on Stuyvesant Plaza

This long weekend, where we yoga is Albany, NY.

Fun trivia: Before I moved to the US, I thought NYC was the capital of New York State! 498 more words

East Coast Yoga

Rain Rain Rain

It rained all day yesterday and I was awakened this morning, one minute before my alarm, by the glorious pounding of rain on the roof. It makes me smile, seems so comforting. 145 more words


Big Day!

Starting my internship today at Life Centers of Kirkland. I’ve really been looking forward to it – but of course the first day anywhere is full of uncertainties – as least in *my* experience. 237 more words