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Power Yoga

       I recieved a request to do a post on Power Yoga for weight loss. I thought it a marvelous idea

Power Yoga is the basis of what I do most of the time. 770 more words


The Mat Race: the unbearable lightness of just being

As humans, we spend a great deal of time focusing on getting.

We are in a habitual state of trying to get somewhere, something, someone. 2,331 more words

Power Yoga

Power Yoga Jam

I was never a huge fan of yoga.

I’m not great at “releasing all thoughts” or “feeling presence” and I am wildly inflexible. After taking a few classes over the years at different studios here and there, I have found yoga to be more interesting to me, especially as a runner with tight hips. 356 more words


25 Yoga Poses

Do you ever want to know more about something and don’t even know where to start. Sometimes I kid myself into thinking that I want to know more about crafting, and I go to Michael’s or a similar store and buy all these amazing pieces of things that need to be put together. 309 more words

Monday's Mantra.

Happy Monday, friendships! What a WEEKEND filled with love, support, MAHA (“mother of all A-HA”) moments, and compassion. I am back on the blog train with a revitalized spirit and mind. 1,055 more words

The Happy Depressive

Oh, The Places You'll Go...When You Practice Yoga!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!
My NEW tribute to THE master on Elephant Journal :

You have yoga pants on.
You have feet on your mat. 51 more words

Power Yoga

On Feedback.

Remember the first time you were called to the principal’s office? That sinking feeling you had in the pit of your stomach. Your face began to flush. 500 more words