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Community Yoga Series - Power Yoga 5/18

Power Yoga this THURSDAY on the Power Line Trail @ 6:30-7:15pm. Let’s move and sweat it out! 💦

Registration is limited so make sure you reserve your spot! 22 more words

Community Yoga Series - 5/14 Gentle Yoga

Here we go again! The next Community Yoga Series class is on Sunday @ 9:30-10:30am. Join in on the fun! Find details and register HERE.

– mandee m.


10 Cardio Alternatives

Do you dread the treadmill? Do you hate running? Does the thought of it simply bore you? Do you crave stimulation and action?

Here are 10 great cardio alternatives you can try today! 226 more words


I’ll be teaching another morning yoga series at Taiga Yoga in Yellowknife next month.

Meet me on the mat at 7am every Mon, Tue, Wed and Thur starting June 5, 2017. 166 more words

Yellowknife Yoga

Basic Power Yoga Sequence

Here’s part of this morning’s sequence from my class in Buderim at Lifeforce Wellbeing. I came home and quickly ran through it at the studio in Bli Bli. 59 more words


60-Minute Vinyasa Sequence --> Bikram-Inspired Grounded Flow (with playlist)

Begin the class in Easy Pose. Ask the students to close their eyes and remove themselves from outside distractions. Spend one minute here, encouraging the students to be present with this space and this moment. 271 more words

Hour Yoga Session

Yoga Fitness: Take Me Higher Playlist

For a high energy yoga flow or power yoga practice, this playlist gets the blood flowing and the endorphins soaring. I first pulled it together as a playlist for my running called “Runner’s High.” I use it in a group class I teach that is about half bodyweight strength training and half yoga poses. 158 more words