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This should be interesting...

How I’ll manage to get through this week that is.  I am not ready for it at all.  I have a Physics exam this afternoon and I’m rather unprepared. 150 more words


Lessons from the mat

Yoga is just stretching right?

Bendy gurus in pretzel shaped poses and tie-dyed cladded hippies meditating on the beach pretty much summed up all I knew about it. 641 more words


If you've never tried... Power Yoga

While being one of the most universal forms of exercise, being that it’s low impact and can be easily altered for total beginners, a yoga class is arguably one of the more intimidating ones to go along to if you’ve never been before – I’ve been trying to convince my mum to try it out for months. 514 more words


So TIred!!!

I spent a couple of very productive hours at Flying Star having lunch/studying after a great class at Vivify led by Carly.  I *really* needed to Take and Not Teach.   264 more words


and ode to the extensor digitorum!

I have to give a little 2 minute spiel about the extensor digitorum this afternoon, among other things.  I’ll just tell you this right now, it is one of the 6th superficial and posterior muscles of the forearm, served by your beloved radial nerve.   163 more words


Lung Force.... please donate!!!

I participated in a lovely benefit yoga class at Vivify for Lung Force. I love teaching ever so very much, but it is also lovely to take class, to let someone else run the show. 64 more words