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I just let go. . .I shifted my vision. . .I dropped what I knew. . .and I found myself again. My 40 Days To Personal Revolution - by Barbara Durand

40 Days to Personal Revolution. Hmmm. . .I was sceptical. I was sceptical because I wasn’t sure I could do anything for 40 days straight, most certainly not a yoga programme, and ‘personal revolution’ – what exactly did that mean and, what was I in for? 839 more words

Power Yoga

Upcoming: Yoga Classes 16-22 Jan 2017

I’m back from my extended break in New Mexico!  And so excited to dive deep into my yoga practice + teaching again.  We’ve got a lot of exciting yoga events happening this week! 245 more words


Yoga Teacher Training Diaries - by Iva Andelic

I can say with certainty that the year 2016 has been the most important and successful year of my life. It’s been one of those periods where my life completely changed, both personally and professionally: I quit my previous job, got married, moved from Belgrade to London and last but definitely not the least I completed the Teacher Training course at Lumi Power Yoga and became a Yoga teacher, which I am very proud of. 696 more words


Interview: Ray from Rayoga

This week we spoke to Ray from Rayoga. 327 more words

To Serendipity

To the telling of the truth.
To stories still untold.
To the uneasiness of honesty. Letting truths slowly unfold.

To the clearing of my closets. 426 more words

Power Yoga

Here We Go - 2017!

First of all, best wishes for All in this New Year.  I wonder how long it will take me to start signing dates as 2017 and not 2016. 408 more words

Albuquerque Yoga

Eve of Semester V

Well, I have been deluged with HW in anticipation for the start of Semester V, and I have done my best to prepare for the week. 194 more words