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Ultimate Guide to Speed and Power

If you want to get explosive,, fast and powerful, then you’ve got to check out these tips from some of our favorite coaches. Killer info to make you a better athlete.

Empower Your Story Through POSITIVE Feedback

Good Morning Lovely Readers!

I’m going to take a few moments to post a quickie while Frank is brewing his own coffee – a new brand called Kicking Horse 454. 702 more words

Get explosive

As mentioned in previous posts each exercise has a different effective range of motion, meaning the target muscle is being maximally stressed at different points of the exercise. 169 more words


Cameroon: Public Building Energy Use - Experts Advocate Efficiency

The Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, through the National Committee for Technology Development, CNDT, has assembled experts in Yaounde to discuss how energy in public buildings can be used effectively to end waste. 275 more words


Carson LumiLoupe 10X Power Stand Magnifier LL10 Elements

You must have heard the word ‘magnifier’, a glass used to read the small print, but how many types of magnifier are you aware of? If you do not anything about the… 369 more words

TEACHING: Focus on the prize. Experience the power of focus.

Most of us never really focus because we don’t know the power of focus. We constantly feel a kind of irritating psychic chaos because 168 more words


Affirmative Action, Feminism, & Me

In 2003, I was in high school, when the Supreme Court decided Grutter v. Bollinger--a case discussing race as a factor in college admissions.  I remember being in my AP government class with a conservative, white, male teacher who didn’t hold back on how incorrect it was to take race into account. 257 more words

Law School