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White Horses

A poem arises

in the dark sand,

the way to find pearls, roses

the only way to understand.

I meet my skin,

the power within, 283 more words


"Today we literally dodged a bullet."

Something very strange happened to my wife and I after a long day of volunteer work. My taxi driver friend who I mentioned in a previous post had warned us about taking any unpainted taxis. 771 more words


You are a figther

The title is definitely right. Slowly drifting away, wave after wave….I am working and getting ready for my summer trip, an important step in my personal life. 631 more words

Arbitrary Motion

As are all of our lives; random yes, but I take great pride in my own life’s Arbitrary motions. You are reading this, as am I – out loud; soliloquy. 226 more words


The Science of Parallel Universes

-Not my video-

I like to weigh in the options of why things don’t always go my way. In this universe, it needed to happen… 77 more words


Doing Business with Deleuze?

Abstract: This essay has two parts. The first part gives a brief overview of the foundation of economics. The second part contains a broader outline of the way in which philosopher Gilles Deleuze thinks of ethics. 80 more words


The Power Of Life

I do realise that this may seem like it is a post about the magic of life and the measure of power it has over us, it is not. 423 more words