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Sticky Benevolent Sexism

It happened weeks ago, after the Women’s March. Since then there have been many more marches and many more protests but I can’t stop thinking about this experience I had right after participating in that first one. 691 more words

Gender Politics

How we should act towards the powerful

Epictetus – Discourses Book 1
I.19. How we should act towards the powerful

What is the advantage of being powerful? Is it that everybody pay you attention and respect? 415 more words


Again we say to you conscious choosing is better

The choice is yours
The choice to exist
The choice to become
The choice is yours

No choice is a choice
No choice
You exist… 56 more words

Drawing The Lion

I am the exception to the feline swarm,

those lowly moggies on the street

on a higher plain, I was born

and am grander than others I meet 92 more words


The Boss....You!

When you are able to force other people to act, you are the one in control. Being in control gives you an edge. It is always better to make your opponent come to you, abandoning his own plans in the process. 30 more words


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Visual Participation from March 28, 2017

In reading Kathleen Rodgers and Willow Scobie’s “Sealfies, seals and celebs”, I found the article to be in conversation with Michael Koliska and Jessica Roberts’s “Selfies: Witnessing and Participatory Journalism with a Point of View” as both articles note the way selfies function as a kind of journalism and a witness. 318 more words

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