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Sexual assault from a woman in power and subsequently losing my kids

I want to start this off by saying my punctuation will not be perfect and to never expect a perfectly punctuated post.

As of 2014, I lost custody to Four of my older child. 1,189 more words


The Salvific Power of Work

Usually, we look to those in the ministry as “chosen” they are also referred to as “anointed men of God”.

Among men, they are said to be occupied with the things of God and are referred or revered as holy men despite their obvious or hidden human frailties. 277 more words


Rekiya's Revenge - 8

Rekiya’s legs almost gave way beneath her as Sadiq finished his narration. Somewhere in between listening to him, she had extricated herself from his embrace and started to pace the room. 2,712 more words

Acceptance - Part 2

We often talk about acceptance as if it has a specific image – you know, this is what acceptance looks like. But that’s not true. Acceptance can take many forms. 663 more words


Start Anew

December 17th, Start Anew

Sometimes things didn’t turn out as we had hoped. Maybe we caught a bad break or forgot a part of the plan. 209 more words

Card Of The Day

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. – Under a Painted Sky, Stacey Lee

Book Quotes

I wonder at the power of a single word to goad males into doing things they don’t want to do to acquire things they don’t want to have.

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