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Masculinity and Patriarchy in language and culture of Pakistan & India

By Rizwan Saeed

Patriarchy is an established informal system. It has clear hierarchy of power and authority that is transferred from one generation to other.

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peace and power

Peace and Power

This morning – a couple of weeks into our journey through Normal Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking – the men’s group I meet with discussed chapter two: “A Peaceful Mind Generates Power.” 514 more words

Live Like You Mean It

Ups and Downs of Conventional Hegemony

The Horrors of Relative Decline – Part V

Dear Dinesh:

You say America is losing its military hegemony, relegating us to the limp status of Canada. 617 more words

The Ups and Downs of Nuclear Hegemony

The Horrors of Relative Decline – Part IV

Dear Dinesh:

Your evidence that America is becoming “a feeble giant, a second Canada” (God forbid!) is based in part on the observation that we’ve agreed to reduce our nuclear arsenal to 1,550 warheads and that President Obama has mused about the desirability of complete nuclear disarmament. 493 more words

God is Moving!

This is one of my favorite songs right now! It is such a awesome reminder that God is in control of everything; the election, things going on across the world and your life. 263 more words

Strong Women and Submitting...

Being able to submit comes from a place of power. A submissive that understands that power can be transferred to another and you are able to keep your dignity, is an indisputable force. 547 more words