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Say these powerfully positive lines to yourself everyday to keep yourself motivated -

1.I am a peaceful and beautiful creature.

When you say this to yourself , you are actually asserting your good instinct and making a powerful assertion about yourself that makes you feel good about yourself. 326 more words

Superstitions have Engulfed People's Lives across the Globe

When we remember the proverb that ‘love is blind’ we remember that lovers do not let these things divide them in superstition  rather, they love and celebrate all aspects of each other .For many people, one of the reasons that love is so powerful and precious is because it is mysterious. 161 more words

How powerful is your mind?

You must have seen people who have defied logic with the kind of stunts they carried out by just tapping into the power of their mind. 542 more words

The Unknown

It lived the nights like a joyous ride,

It depicted various patterns in its lonely eyes.

It had the demeanor of a silent soul,

Its essence had the strength of a black hole. 81 more words

7 Days of Affirmations - Day 2

Earlier today, I caught myself saying how I looked crazy cuz my hair wasn’t done. So that’s what led to my first affirmation for today I AM BEAUTIFUL and I need to really believe that. 142 more words

Microsoft’s Surface Phone could come packing some powerful tech

Microsoft s Surface Phone could come packing some powerful tech. Snapdragon 835 processor rumored. Leaks continue to drip out of Redmond about the supposedly forthcoming Microsoft Surface Phone, and the latest from the rumor mill suggests the specs of the new device (or devices) are going to be well worth waiting for. 26 more words