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Networking on LinkedIn: How to Build a Powerful Network Using LinkedIn

Are you active on LinkedIn? Want to use it to connect with potential partners and prospects? To discover how to network on LinkedIn, I interview Stephanie Sammons. 64 more words

9 October 2015

You cannot change your destination overnight,
you can change your direction overnight.

– Jim Rohn

How true is this!

Sometimes what we wish to achieve seems so large and unattainable. 68 more words

I had to think long and hard before deciding to finally write this post. I believe the spirit of instruction won in this case. At any rate, there are a few things I feel are important to clear up if we are going to be powerfully confident.

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Drained ocean.

You were powerful. That was her firm belief. But you hated her for exaggerating your abilities, for overestimating you as a person. But it didn’t stop her from believing you could do the impossible. 67 more words

5 Powerful Ways Social Media Can Change Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

How can you bolster your small business marketing strategy with targeted social media campaigns? Savvy entrepreneurs understand now that social media is an integral part of an intelligent small business marketing strategy. 136 more words

Gender means Men too

When people talk about gender, we often forget that ‘gender’ is not a substitute for the word ‘women’. Gender equality often focuses on women’s rights and violence against women, but gender is something bigger than just women, gender means men too and it’s important that we get it right. 432 more words



Wandering through old streets
Of cities that now seem older than time
I see people
Those who have claimed their share of history
Old buildings and monuments… 192 more words