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Powerless Narcissism

Nobody wants to be labelled a narcissist.

But the irony (upon honest self-reflection) is that we are all narcissists in our own idiosyncratic way.  Some to a greater degree than others.  169 more words


What Good is Anger?

I’ve known people who were habitually in the victim mode, helpless and powerless – until they got angry. Then it was like flipping a switch and they became strong, inflexible, and perhaps mean. 389 more words


Rebel with zero cause...

My mind is a jumble. I am struggling so hard…I KNOW the right thing to do but I do not do it…and quite frankly, I rebel against it. 161 more words


Today I read something interesting…in one of my daily readings (that I havent been doing daily), someone mentioned a straight path…visual is really important to me…so anyhow, they mentioned that the only way through is on a straight path, not veering off based on whim (Im paraphrasing). 131 more words

A Dream Pastiche

To begin, car and truck exhaust mixes with light snow flurries in a hilly town. Slurry covers broken asphalt. Wooden utility poles leaning at crazy angles hold up sagging lines. 570 more words