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First Step Prayer

First Step Prayer
Dear Lord, Help me to see and admit
that I am powerless over my
alcoholism. Help me to understand
how my alcoholism has led to… 37 more words

12 Step Prayers

Carers are not always helpful... By Kate Swaffer

Carers are not always helpful….

Thank you again Kate for putting into words what some of us can’t. This is perfectly said and hopefully with the comparison you made others will come to understand it better. :-)


Social etiquette - do I have any?

Apparently telling someone they are ‘beautiful’ in a board meeting causes a stir of surprise. Last year I was working with Creative Connection in association with Board intelligence – they invited me to sit on the ‘Young person’s meeting’ of board members. 694 more words


When I was most recently in a meeting, I heard a man share a story about how when he was Out Drinking, he would strategically plot which liquor stores to buy bottles from on which days of the week, and after how long he could return to any given location.  283 more words

Global Posts


It seems to come from all sides


She feels powerless against it

The tears that fall

Leave permanent tracks

To show that they have been there… 82 more words

My Writing

Step 1 - written December 20, 2014

It was the crisis of using again that brought me to recovery.  I had ben clean from cocaine for 14 years prior to 2009.  In 2009, I was separated from my husband and my kids had gone out to live on their own.  559 more words


Powerless in Grid Lock Traffic

I am a happy person…now, for there was a time in my life when I was not happy. The sadness that dwelled within me as a kid lessens the older that I get. 446 more words