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Diary Post - February 5 2007

I’m much better off than I was all those years ago, but memories still sting. I feel for my past self. People always wonder what they would do with a time machine, and a part of me wants to go back and save my naive little self from nearly three years of hell. 558 more words


The Problem: Self-Salvation

Thanks Tim Keller for helping me with that phrase.
– – Dear Reader,
– – You have read lots. Here’s something else. I’ve been sick with a grueling fever for the past week or so, and I’m tired of it. 402 more words


Yes Please

Yes Please”On the bed, face down.” I gingerly crawled on the bed, doing my best not to lose the plug in my ass. As tight as it was going in, I had the hardest time holding onto the thing. 148 more words



Daddy and I went on a romantic weekend trip recently. While we were in town we saw a long time friend of his. This was the first time I had met his friend and I think it had been many years since Daddy had seen him. 621 more words


New Project: Chapter 23

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Twenty Three

The unthinkable happened. Our country elected hate. Watching the election returns, my body felt as if all the air had left it. 1,426 more words

Destiny Allison

The Power Within

There has been a theme to the last few years of my life.  No matter if I laid down and took the blows, or fought tooth and nail till I was ragged and out of breath, I have been plagued with a sense of powerlessness.   1,074 more words