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Showcase Sunday (#60)

Time is going oh so fast is making me dizzy! It feels as if it was only yesterday when I posted my last Showcase Sunday and here I am, posting yet another one! 24 more words

Trash men

This morning I feel hatred and hated.
Why hate is the right word here, I don’t know if I’m sure about that.
But when my mind went back to what I experienced for a few minutes and caught that word, stuff fell in place. 514 more words

Passers By


Weaken by the power of


I sought love in your


After a succulent kiss


To me. It was



Oh, behave.

I should rename my blog to girl with no backbone or something equivalent seeing that my willpower is so weak it should be more apt to call it willpower-less. 327 more words

Powerless - UniSons

The latest release fromĀ UniSons, a co-ed a cappella group out of Northeastern University.

This is the first piece of music I’ve gotten to work on from The UniSons. 40 more words


Is Change Worth it?

The world can be a scary place. Many people become poor, weak, and powerless, due to situations that the world dishes out.

Some people can find hope in a local rescue mission or a soup kitchen; however, some people who have lived powerless for a long time become afraid to change. 85 more words