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The power to go to my favourite person in the world and stop time.
I’d cease time and lay there like that forever- curled up in his arms like he is the protector of my entire universe.

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That moment when you feel powerless ....

Yeah … do you know how it feels when you wish you wanna do anything for the man you love and yet somehow you know you can t do nothing more? 290 more words

Life In Tenerife

A Rainbow of Chaos

I was raised with enough economic confidence that I had an ingrained sense that I there was nothing to escape from and that a life, like the one I was already living, was in my future. 207 more words


Hold Strong

For the thousandth time in my life I wish I were stronger. Sure, I am strong. I can bear pain reasonably well. Emotional pain, physical pain, yes they hurt me but I don’t make a big fuss. 260 more words



Sorry folks, I have so much to write about but stress is not a great mistress when it comes to writing. All I want to do right now is crawl into a deep hole with a tub of ice cream. 254 more words


Powerless & Unmanageable

As I continue to work Step 1 and at the behest of my sponsor (this list could change as I consider it more over time) 316 more words

An Irony of Twitter

Twitter is in sale, but no emerging bidding is expected and potential bidders are hesitating. In my opinion, there is no single social network platform like Twitter in terms of its political and societal impact.  146 more words

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