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I Will Find Death - Colleen Brown

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I will find death. Because it’s there to be found. It is not elusive. And I, here, am not eternal. 385 more words


I Will Find Death

I will find death.  Because it’s there to be found.  It is not elusive.  And I, here, am not eternal.  But when I find it I’ll have a few things to say in welcome.   501 more words

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Miracles are not merely superhuman happenings, but happenings that demonstrate God’s power.  Jesus performed miracles to renew people – restoring sight, making the lame to walk, even restoring life to the dead.   101 more words


Negotiating with the airlines (i.e., from a position of complete powerlessness)

Disputes with the airlines tend to elicit a sense of complete powerlessness. Bad seat? Full bin? Overbooked flight? It’s David versus Goliath x 10. Given that you need to get somewhere and they get to decide whether you do, your own power position seems tenuous, at best. 535 more words


High and Lows

I've noticed I go through highs and lows. Maybe it's hormones maybe I just miss Daddy. I don't know what it is. I just notice the cycle. 147 more words


Financial Insecurity is Debilitating

They say money doesn’t buy happiness. But what they don’t tell you is not having enough money can be debilitating. Not having enough money to pay bills and buy food. 413 more words



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Vanessa Hudgens – Emily Locke

Danny Pudi – Teddy

Christina Kirk – Jackie…

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