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i can't breathe

how can one feel so immensely powerful and powerless at the same time

as if everything is just within your grasp and realizing a bit too late that no matter the length of your fingers and the will to reach, the horizon will always be there

and me here.



Messengers are so often powerless, silenced and ignored.


Slow Jog

She felt as if she needed to pace.

Pace around the large square patch of shaded grass that she called her front yard.

She needed to walk heel to toe barefoot and feel the sea breeze wafting onto her skin. 172 more words


Escape from Captivity

Perhaps the symbolization of this dream was based on the environment that I was in during the time when it occurred. A lot to do with dealing with the people who I was dealing with on an everyday basis resulting in the depleting of my energy levels plus the coupling of making plans to change my environment. 275 more words

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