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Tesla obtained the trademark for “SUPERPACK”

Last week, Tesla unveiled their new battery packs for residential, commercial and utility scale use. During the event, Elon Musk talked about the “Powerwall”, a battery pack aimed at residential and small commercial projects, and the “Powerpack”, for bigger commercial and utility scale projects. 173 more words


A Battery Powered House

In a presentation last Thursday, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors) announced that Tesla is going to start selling batteries. In the presentation, which begins with a short speech about global warming and the importance of renewable energy, Musk unveiled two new products-Powerwall and Powerpack. 212 more words


Saphier Regina: Napos Éjjelek: Tesla PowerWall

Saphier Regina: Napos Éjjelek: Tesla PowerWall

Köszönöm Elon Musk-nak, hogy lehetőséget biztosít a magyar állampolgároknak, hogy a közgazdaság síkján utasíthassák el az újonnan tervezett Orosz Nukleáris Erőművet, melyet az idióta magyar kormány csillagászati orosz kölcsön összegekből tervez felépíttetni, miközben a magyarok tömegeinek nincs munkája… 847 more words

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Regina Saphier: Sunny Nights: Tesla PowerWall

Regina Saphier: Sunny Nights: Tesla PowerWall

Thank you Elon Musk for giving Hungarian citizens a possibility to economically refuse the planned new Russian Nuclear Power Plant that the idiotic Hungarian government is planning to build in Hungary for exorbitant amounts of borrowed money (borrowed from the Russians of course… while people have no jobs…). 340 more words

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Tesla Raises the Bar as Big Tech Takes a Bumpy Ride

Global financial markets hit record-highs last month, with the S&P 500 rising up by 0.23% to an all-time record high, closing at 2,117.69 points and the NASDAQ reaching 5,092.09 as tech giants Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others surged. 676 more words

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Elon Musk announces the Powerwall: Solving the Energy Problem

It is no secret that we have an energy problem. Most of our energy needs are met by fossil fuels that may get completely depleted within the next few years, and the problem is that we don’t have a backup plan. 583 more words

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Tesla expands from luxury vehicles to wall-mounted batteries

Tesla Motors has created a new division called Tesla Energy. Now, in addition to making electric vehicles for rich people, it will also make “Powerwalls” 261 more words