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What's your presentation's significance?

As you develop your presentation, think about the beginning, middle, and end. With your presentation objectives in mind, the following questions will help connect them to your audience: 50 more words

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PowerPoint Presentation Objectives

Now that you have a better idea of your audience, focus on your topic:

  • What question do you want to pursue? Why would someone come see your presentation?
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Top 5 PowerPoint Mistakes

Working for a government agency, and just living on planet Earth, I have suffered through ¬†PowerPoint presentations that could be listed as war crimes. Here are some tips on how to use PowerPoint in ways that don’t violate the Geneva Convention. 229 more words


Knowing your audience

An effective PowerPoint presentation tells a story in a simple, straightforward way with as little words as possible. However, the way you tell this story is heavily dependent on who your audience will be. 252 more words

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Revolutionary War Powerpoint

Geared towards upper elementary school or even middle school, this PowerPoint covers major battles and provides useful images for students and teachers. The information on each slide is brief but captures the main ideas, allowing the teacher to elaborate on the main bullet points within this presentation. 22 more words