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Script - control Client Access features using set-mailbox

I put together a short script recently which will enumerate all users in an Office 365 Group (Security/Distribution/O365Group) and disable certain Client Access features. In my case, I wanted to disabled IMAP, POP and MAPI connectivity. 190 more words

Office 365

Using the PowerShell SQL Provider with SQL Authentication

Whilst having a conversation with Chrissy LeMaire last week about using the SQL Provider. She asked if it could use SQL Authentication. I had no idea but said I would find out. 682 more words


Change BitLocker Recovery Password with PowerShell

When BitLocker detects certain changes to the computer it’ll trigger Recovery Mode, and prompt for the Recovery Password. Likewise, you also need the recovery password if you need to access the encrypted disk from another machine or via Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE). 260 more words


Get or update SysInternals tools with PowerShell

This is version 2 – the previous version relied on mapping a new PSDrive directly to \\live.sysinternals.com\tools which made things easy, but that no longer seems to work (or at least not for me, might be my web filtering blocking it). 104 more words


2017 PowerShell Resolutions

I’m a little late this year in getting this blog posted. But I definitely wanted to get this out before the end of 2016.

As with the last couple of years ( 632 more words


How To: Publish ConfigMgr Data to OMS

This post shows an example of querying data from ConfigMgr, converting to JSON and posting to Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) as a custom log. If you’re not yet familiar with OMS, take a look at the… 1,398 more words

ConfigMgr 2012

DNS Traffic Management Policies

This awesome new Server 2016 feature can be used to create a DNS policy which responds to a query for the IP address of a web server with a different IP address based on the source subnet of the client. 317 more words