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Getting an accurate last logon date of Active Directory users

Sometimes the LastLogonTimeStamp attribute just doesn’t cut it and other times LastLogon just isn’t accurate on the Domain Controller you’re querying.

This attribute is not replicated and is maintained separately on each domain controller in the domain.

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Powershell - Get the First and Last Day of the Month

You could do this in different ways with powershell. But the whole idea is to keep it simple

$CURRENTDATE=GET-DATE -Format "MM/dd/yyyy"


Send-MailMessage - Send Mail with multiple attachments

Powershell РSend Multiple Email Attachments using Send-MailMessage

Pass each attachment location to a variable and add this to the Attachments parameter separated by comma… 24 more words


Code from my Session at the Northwest System Center User Group

Big thanks to the Northwest System Center User Group for hosting me at their March meeting. We had a great demo session to show how to use PowerShell with ConfigMgr. 1,321 more words


Checking For Disconnected Connections with TCPListener Using PowerShell

Working on my PoshChat project, one of the things that I was dealing with was handling connections that was disconnected through different means other than just the client disconnecting on its own such as a client being rebooted or the network just dropping the connection. 782 more words


Set calendar permissions {PowerShell}{Exchange}{Office365}

Calendar permissions, I needed to use this alot when migrating users to Office 365.  We would need to set permissions for multiple users either remove a user from all calendars or add to all calendars. 224 more words