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Determine Roles and Features installed on Windows clients or servers

Upon performing some testing for a customer, I had to verify the Server features and roles which are installed on the server. Here’s a simple PowerShell one-liner which will output the results nicely for you: 45 more words


Part 1 - How to Choose Best Tools In the Industry to deliver software

I have been working in the space of DevOps (build/deployment/software delivery/automation) looking at delivering the software more efficiently from the customer user stories into the usable feature by customers. 662 more words


Automating Update of Azure-Powershell

Just a quick post to share a useful script. The PowerShell script below will download and update the Azure-PowerShell command-lets to the latest and greatest version. 138 more words


A Memorandum to IT Pros on Imperative vs. Declarative Scripting Models

One noticeable difference of Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS) V2 from Azure IaaS V1 (or classic Azure IaaS as I call it) is the employment of Azure “Resource Group” templates. 861 more words

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Another Way to Show Bitwise Operation Results

This is something that came to me as I was working to do some bitwise operations for a project that had a lot of pInvoke stuff and required that I do some shifting of bits. 713 more words


PowerShell Script to Change FBA provider when moving from Site to site

If you have a SharePoint Site with FBA users on and you need you need to change the provider name as the following i:0#.f | Provider Name | User… 95 more words


Copy users from one SharePoint site collection to another using PowerShell

If you want to copy user from site collection to another one in SharePoint there is no OFTB way to do it but using PowerShell script indeed there is… 82 more words