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PowerShell: Write a table to Windows eventlog

Perhaps this blogpost should have 2 titles because I am answering 2 questions.

  1. How can I write a table into a string text?
  2. How can I write a table to the event viewer?
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MIM 2016: Developing PowerShell code that will run in the Workflow Engine

The FIM/MIM PowerShell (PS) engine is compiled in dotnet 3.5, this means it only supports libraries compiled in dotnet 3.5. PS 2 is compiled in dotnet 3.5, PS 3 onwards is compiled in dotnet 4.0. 140 more words

Fim 2010 R2

PowerShell: Running script code in parallel and multi-threading

Planning for Multi-threading

Its always a cool phrase to hear multi-threading but there is some planning involved with that

  1. What data are you reading?
  2. Where are you reading from?
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Fim 2010 R2

PSDay.UK Tickets are on sale

Following a lot of hard work by the organising folks Gael Colas, Ebru Cucen, Daniel Krebs and Johnathan Medd, we are pleased to announce that the PSDay.UK tickets are now on sale. 261 more words

Using PowerShell to check if your password has been in a breach

We know that we need to keep our credentials secure. We know that we should not re-use our passwords across different services. Hopefully, by now, most readers of this blog are aware of… 442 more words

MIM 2016 WAL: Running PowerShell scripts in/out the workflow engine

Lets talk about running PowerShell scripts in the MIM WAL.  There are two options

  1. Run the PS script in the Workflow engine. I cannot tell you enough about the benefits of doing this.
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MIM 2016: Perform AD Functions in FIM/MIM Workflow without importing the AD PS Module – Part I

MIM/FIM workflow engine is compiled with Dotnet 3.5, don’t ask me why it has not been re-compiled in Dotnet 4. Anyway if you try introducing a library that is compiled in Dotnet 4.0 or greater you will get a failure message. 356 more words