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Automation of a XenDesktop/XenApp deployment

There are many pieces involved in deploying Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp.  For simplification purposes while discussing automation, let’s focus on a single feature of a Citrix deployment- the Delivery Controller. 450 more words


Pester for Presentations - Ensuring it goes ok

Whilst I was at PSCONFEU I presented a session on writing pester tests instead of using checklists. You can see it here

During the talk I showed the pester test that I use to make sure that everything is ready for my presentation. 1,596 more words


ADFS Single Sign on with Edge

I usually don’t blog about ADFS but since I recently had to solve this issue for a customer I thought someone else might find it usefull as well. 160 more words


Pester Test Inception and the Show Parameter

My fantastic friend Andre Kamman b | t  and I presented at PSConfEu last week

and whilst we were there we were chatting about running Pester Tests. 802 more words


Automatically pause/resume and scale up/down Azure Analysis Services using AzureRM.AnalysisServices

One of the big advantages of Azure Analysis Services is the ability to pause/resume and scale up/down as needed, this will allow you to pay only for what you use and greatly reduce costs. 344 more words


PowerShell and Outlook - Part 2

In Part 1 we covered some basic Outlook terminology and managed to connect to our Inbox and the Items collection it contains. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the first message in the Inbox by the methods we would expect because the Items collection is not stored in a date order (or in fact any particular order). 230 more words