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Backing up SQL Server on Linux using Ola Hallengrens Maintenance Solution

With the release of SQL Server vNext CTP 1.4 SQL Agent was released for use on Linux. To install it on Ubuntu you need to upgrade your SQL Server to CTP 1.4. 837 more words


Taking dbatools Test-DbaLastBackup a little further

In a previous post I showed how easy it is to test your backups using Test-DbaLastBackup

Today I thought I would take it a little further and show you how PowerShell can be used to transmit or store this information in the manner you require… 1,456 more words


Testing Your SQL Server Backups the Easy Way with PowerShell & dbatools

In a previous post I wrote about how easy it was to restore a whole SQL Servers user databases from a  directory using the dbatools module. 744 more words


Restoring an entire SQL Server user databases with PowerShell using dbatools

All the good DBAs backup their databases.

A significant amount of SQL DBAs use Ola Hallengrens maintenance solution to do so.

This gives a folder structure like this… 396 more words


PowerCLI Core on Docker with macOS

Back in November, shortly after Microsoft’s open-sourcing of PowerShell, and subsequent cross-platform PowerShell Core release, VMware released their cross-platform version of PowerCLI: PowerCLI Core. This was made available on GitHub for general consumption, and can be installed on top of PowerShell Core on a macOS/OSX or Linux machine. 1,000 more words


PowerShell - Out-GridView Headers (Using Get-Process)

PowerShell – Out-GridView Headers with Get-Process

I thought I would do a follow-up on a previous post about using out-GridView with Headers and use Get-Process this time.   803 more words


Adding a PowerShell Job Step to an existing SQL Agent Job Step with PowerShell

In my last post I showed how to add a T-SQL Job step to an existing SQL Agent Job. The process is exactly the same for a PowerShell job step. 520 more words