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Checking for a TCP Listener Connection

I’ve been spending some time re-writing my PoshChat project to replace various things that I feel could have been written better as well as trying to knock out some of the issues that I had in the beginning but just never got around to fixing. 672 more words


PowerShell and SqlServer: dropping a set of databases

I have a bunch of databases which follow a prefix pattern.

For resetting my tests, I want to drop them, using PowerShell. Assumption: no concern about anyone/thing accessing those databases at that time. 161 more words


PowerShell: The basic template in ISE

The basic Ctrl-J template in the PowerShell ISE is a bit noisier than I need. This is all I want:

Drop set of databases… 21 more words


Import GPOs from one Domain to another using PowerShell

One of the challenges when working with different domains (or development and production domains) is that you can’t copy Group Policies from one domain to another. 152 more words


Unable to Run Powershell Script - Error: Not digitally signed

Error: The file *.ps1 is not digitally signed. The script will not execute on the system

+FullyQualifiedErrorID: UnauthorizedAccess

To resolve above error; set the execution policy to unrestricted

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Git - VSO (Onboarding/Migration from TFS)


Before we start with Git (in VSO), let’s just visit/revisit the difference between Centralized VCS (version control system) and distributed VCS. With centralized VCS, repositories are stored on a central server and developers checkout a working copy, while with distributed VCS, developers themselves maintain a copy of the entire repository with its history. 2,736 more words


Powershell cmdlets for Azure Automation now available!!

The latest Powershell version for Azure has added 43 new cmdlets to manage Azure Automation.

After downloading the latest version of Azure Powershell check the build number containing these cmdlets. 78 more words