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MIM 2016: Get a list of All attributes bound to an Object

Okay, we can get this information via the GUI in the Schema management section in the Portal but you can’t do an export! So the only option is to PS. 96 more words


Exploring #NanoServer for Windows Server 2016 with @Jsnover #Powershell

Microsoft Chief Architect, Enterprise Cloud, Jeffrey Snover, takes a closer look at Nano server – the secure new headless deployment option for Windows Server 2016. 42 more words


Finding All you users who still have the old My Document Folder and move them over to Document with powershell

I figured I would share a few one liners that I create to find all my users that have the old “MY Documents” folder and convert all my user over to the Vista and above “Documents” standard. 99 more words


Azure Stack: Introducing PaaS Services and DevOps Tools

When Microsoft announced the initial Technical Preview release of Azure Stack it was also announced there would be additional services released in the coming weeks. This week, Microsoft announced the addition of Web Apps, SQL database, and MySQL database Platform as a Service (PaaS) services to the Microsoft Azure Stack platform, and some additional new tools too! 728 more words


Setting the ImmutableID to $null

Here’s a small Friday afternoon snippet of useful information for all you Office 365/Identity nerds out there.

If you have converted an AAD user from ‘Synced with Active Directory’ to ‘In Cloud’ and you want to sync a new user object with that user, you will need to clear the ImmutableID and then match it up with the new user object. 106 more words

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Enable .NET 3.5 In Windows 10 With Powershell

Depending on how you installed Windows 10, in order to enable .NET 3.5 features you may need to use an alternative source location. (The ‘sources’ folder from a W10 ISO file) 42 more words


Add Email Address to Existing AD Users for Office 365 via PowerShell

Use Case: Needed a quick and dirty way to update on premise Active Directory user objects in preparation to sync with a new Office 365 tenant for a client who was migrating to Exchange Online from a POP3 service … with no on premise Exchange. 300 more words

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