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Create a Mouse Cursor Tracker using PowerShell and WPF

Sometimes when you have a little bit of free time, you decide to build things just to see if you can do it regardless of how useful it might actually be. 1,291 more words


Using PowerShell to View File/Folder Permissions (Part 3)

Brief Intro.

In this final post of the series I’m going to show you how to build a module – from scratch – in essentially any version of PowerShell. 732 more words


Opening the door to the Mystery of Dates in PowerShell

Formatting and converting dates can be very confusing. Every programming language, operating system, and runtime environment seems to do it differently. And part of the difficulty in conversion is knowing what units you are starting with. 509 more words


Replacing SQL Text within a script file using regular expressions and Powershell

I recently needed to update a load of scripts in our Source Control to remove the filegroup declaration from ON to just not be declared, so that new objects would be deployed to the default filegroup on some new databases we had created. 879 more words

SQL Server

Guest Spot on Hey, Scripting Guy! talking PowerShell and Network Authentication Level Reporting

This was somewhat of a last minute article but it is a nice article on reporting on the Network Level Authentication configuration on systems using PowerShell. 27 more words


Tidy Cache - Clean Up Old CCMCache

You are probably already aware that ConfigMgr manages its client cache pretty well. I’ve run into situations where server VMs are running leaner and leaner, with much less disk space on the system drive than desired, so I built a compliance settings rule that will help keep the cache a little more tidy than we do out-of-the-box. 154 more words

ConfigMgr 2012

Resources Available from my Talk on PowerShell and Pester

I had the great opportunity to speak at the user group that I happen to be the co-leader and co-founder (Omaha PowerShell User Group) of last week talking about PowerShell and Pester. 131 more words