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Scripting Games July 12015 thoughts on the solution

The July 2015 puzzle can be found here:


Write a one-liner that produces the following output (note that property values will be different from computer to computer; that’s fine). 755 more words

Powershell Basics

Using parameters instead of read-host when getting AD replication data

I’ve seen a lot of scripts recently that use Read-Host to get input data. This is generally not best practice – I tend to only use Read-Host if I want to get a password and obscure the text on screen. 159 more words

PowerShell And Active Directory

Data for comparisons

A question on the forum asked about storing data used in comparisons, The example was based on a list if IP addresses where some were known to be good and the questioner wanted to filter out the known good ones so he just had to investigate the rest. 161 more words

Powershell Basics

Input validation on multiple regex

One of the things I like about writing advanced functions is the ability to validate the input. if you test the input immediately you can often stop mistakes being made. 763 more words

Powershell Basics

Disk identification

A recent question on the forums regarded using the Win32_LogicalDisk class to retrieve disk size and free space data. A filter based on the disk letter was being used. 141 more words

PowerShell And WMI

Number of working days

Need to know the number of working days left until a specific date?

$we = ::Saturday, ::Sunday

$date = Get-Date -Year 2015 -Month 8 -Day 28… 111 more words

Powershell Basics

Some Powershell Basics and help commands that you should know

I have explained a little bit about what is Parameter Name, Parameter Value, Mandatory & Optional Parameters, Positional Parameters and help commands in the Powershell. 251 more words