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Sneaky tricky management scopes in Exchange Online.

If you’ve been creating scopes in Exchange Online in, for instance, following way…:

$Group = Get-DistributionGroup -Identity “RoomImpersonationGroup”
New-ManagementScope “Room Mailboxes Impersonation” -RecipientRestrictionFilter “MemberOfGroup -eq ‘$($Group.DistinguishedName)'”
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Auto Formatting PowerShell in Visual Studio Code

One of the features I’m most fond of in Visual Studio Code is the Format Document feature that is built into Visual Studio Code. 342 more words


Use PowerShell to fill Exchange Mailbox(es) with data

Sometimes you have the need to fill up an Exchange Mailbox up to a certain level, e.g. to test migration speeds. In this post you find a tiny script which can do that for you. 387 more words

Office 365

Powershell GUI ConfigMgr to create AD Groups and Deployments

Target: Create AD-Groups for Installation / Uninstallation then create Installation/Uninstallation device collection in ConfigMgr and create the deployment for the application

New Version published. Download… 281 more words


Windows PowerShell Syntax Plugin set up in gVim

Windows PowerShell Syntax Plugin provides Syntax coloring, indenting and filetype detection for Windows PowerShell.

It is available at :



It is recommended to set up… 140 more words


Finding and manipulating multiple AD users

One of our clients is migrating to a new user profile management solution and a coworker was tasked with updating the profilepath for those of the clients service accounts that were still using the old configuration. 185 more words


Hyper-V Remove Lingering DVD iso

Mass Dismount

Another day – another dirty – quicky.

So you’ve got a bunch of hosts and some VMs there. Some of those have iso files attached. 118 more words