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Simple RoboCopy Function for quick transfers

A couple of weeks ago I got to thinking, I do these little robocopy transfers all the time why not write a function so I can do a transfer and I don’t have to go looking up all the parameters.   245 more words


PowerShell scripts to change some of the default windows settings

I always my windows system to behave a certain way, I end up spending lot of time trying to configuring few things. Here are few PowerShell scripts… 68 more words


Help = Spec = Test

Going back for some years – at least as far the talks which turned into the PowerShell Deep Dives book – I have told people… 986 more words


How to debug Git SSH setup when using Windows, PowerShell and posh-git

GitHub provides a lot of useful information on setting up SSH keys including a lot of great guides on solving common SSH problems.

I had some trouble recently (copied the SSH key incorrectly into GitHub), but because I was using Windows, PowerShell and posh-git I couldn’t just run a lot of the ssh commands directly to debug what was going wrong as ssh.exe was not in a directory in my PATH. 43 more words


PowerShell DSC for SharePoint

I stopped the work on my DSC modules for SharePoint (xSharePointAdministration) some time ago because the PowerShell team was working on the xSharePoint… 153 more words


PowerShell on Windows 7: Set-ExecutionPolicy for regular users

if you (or a helpful admin) runs Set-ExecutionPolicy as administrator, the policy will be set for all users. (I would suggest “remoteSigned” rather than “unrestricted” as a safety measure.) 16 more words

Use Jenkins to call Custom PowerShell Functions

Now that you’ve built out your Jenkins install and setup some jobs for low hanging fruit such as cleaning up temp files, you’ve probably noticed that you have redundant code. 287 more words