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Windows PowerShell Boot Camp

Learn PowerShell scripting from the ground up. You will write PowerShell scripts like a pro upon completion. Do not wait, this offer will not last! Coupon Code: ONLYWIRE15… 8 more words

Function to invoke PowerShell ISE from shell

Another little function to add to your PowerShell profile.

If you’re in the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment you can use the command

psedit <filename>

to open the file in the ISE editor – and it doesn’t just have to be a .ps1 file, it’ll open anything. 51 more words


List out Grey agents in SCOM with Powershell

# Create a file for output


$startdate =Get-date

$runtime =”$(Get-date -format “M/dd/yyyy H:MM”)”

$CurrentDate = $CurrentDate.ToString(‘MM-dd-yyyy_hh-mm-Ss’)

#get the SystemCenter Agent Class

$agent = Get-SCOMClass | where-object{$_.name -eq “microsoft.systemcenter.agent”} 67 more words


PS > Get-Traffic - a quick look at parsing HTML with Powershell

The norwegian equivalent of the DMV, Statens Vegvesen, have a website where they publish real time traffic information collected from the electronic toll payment tags that most cars are fitted with here near Oslo. 232 more words


PowerShell - Convert Base 64 to Bytes


::WriteAllBytes($Filename, $bytes)


Increasing the runtime timeout for compliance and remediation

The default is 60 seconds and can’t be changed through the GUI.


When I tried this from the server console, I got Access Denied.  Super lame. 220 more words

WMI Namespace

[ALERT] New Fileless, Code-injecting Ransomware Bypasses Antivirus

Stu Sjouwerman

Security researchers have discovered a new fileless ransomware in the wild, which injects malicious code into a legitimate system process (svchost.exe) on a targeted system and then self-destructs itself in order to evade detection by antivirus. 560 more words