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Powershell - Dynamically List Properties & Property values


Back in Dec 2011, I stitched together a script to dynamically display property names and values.

Today I found it is no longer working. 591 more words


Powershell Modules – AzureAD - "Get User's Information "


Now that we have “AzureAD” Powershell modules installed, let us play around with it.

First off, the let us review what type of information is returned on a Member Account. 300 more words


A hack for role-based config in v8 deployments

It’s a pretty common requirement that deploying instances of Sitecore will require slightly different configuration on different servers. Different roles, like content management and content deployment, will require different settings and features to work. 1,572 more words


How to get warnings and alerts for your SharePoint Online Site storage limits ?

SharePoint Online in Office 365 is allocated a quantity of storage that’s based on your number of users.
If you want to get a warning email when your site exceeds its limit, please run the below script using PowerShell, you need to make sure that the dlls are correctly referenced. 123 more words


Powershell Modules - AzureAD - Installation


Needing to do some minimal Microsoft Office 365 work.

Found out that I need Azure Powershell Modules.


The Azure Active Directory ( AD) Powershell Modules are available on Microsoft’s Powershell Gallery. 342 more words


Windows Server/Windows 10: How to delete stuck Print Jobs with PowerShell (Spooler)

This week I had the task to delete print jobs from the queue. However, some of them could not be removed. So I decided to write an article about it and also a PowerShell script. 457 more words

Windows Server

About PowerShell Core 6.0 logging

I’ve seen in this interview that group policy templates (ADMX files) should be shipped soon and allow corporate admins to control PowerShell Core ScriptBlockLogging, Transcripts,.. all the security stuff the… 182 more words