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SharePoint Brunei User Group Monthly Gathering – March 2015

I’m really happy to announce that i will be speaking at the SharePoint Brunei User Group in Brunei, March 31 2015. http://www.sharepointbrunei.net/


Powershell - Script to Deploy Solution on Sharepoint

Many times we need create a script to deploy solutions on SharePoint via Powershell.

So I would like to share my script.

You just need change the… 273 more words


Powershell - module reference and auto load

A neat tip I saw in a ScriptingGuys post:

Some additional information and an example, since the above post is quite short.

With the below #Requires statement (needs to be added at the top of a script) the script won’t run if the specified module is not installed/available on the machine. 289 more words


Strange Localization Issue When Working with List and Site Templates

One of our clients runs a localized version of SharePoint 2013. The operating system is a Windows 2012 R2 Server (English), the SharePoint Server itself is English as well. 584 more words


SharePoint : Delete "Scheduling Start Date" and "Scheduling End Date" columns using PowerShell

In general, we can delete the columns using UI from SharePoint pretty easily. But some columns are not allowed to be deleted using UI but are allowed to be deleted using PowerShell. 144 more words


Update Client Settings Priority Tool for ConfigMgr 2012 – v1.0

After releasing a couple of betas over the last week I have made some more changes to the Update Client Setting Priority Tool.

The major change is that the Tool now supports the amendment of SCEP policies. 295 more words

SCCM 2012

Get DFS information as objects using DFSUTIL and PowerShell

$xmlfile = ‘C:\temp\xml.xml’

(dfsutil /root:\\domain.com\rootshare /export:$xmlfile /verbose)

$xmldata = if(Test-Path ($xmlfile)){ Get-Content $xmlfile}

$objects = $xmldata.root.link

$users = @()

foreach ($o in $objects){

$u = New-Object PSObject -Property @{ 26 more words