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Setting up PowerShell Remoting using winrm quickconfig or Enable-PSRemoting fails


PowerShell Remoting configuration will fail because the system is connected to a public network. The advice is to change the network from public to private, unfortunately this is not always possible because of WiFi connections.




Enable-PSRemoting -SkipNetworkProfileCheck -Force



Powershell command to show names of all machines in SCOM

Simple one-liner, very helpful though!

Import-Module OperationsManager; Get-SCOMGroup -DisplayName “All Windows Computers” | Get-SCOMClassInstance | sort DisplayName | FT DisplayName

This will output just the names of all machines in the “All Windows Computers” group, you can change that name to output the machine names of any other group as well.

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SharePoint Content Database Report using Powershell

#Enter a URL in the function at the bottom of this script Example: Report-SharePointDatabase -ReportURL "http://team/sites/reports"
#The first time you run the script, the script will create a custom list with the report fields in a datasheet view… 337 more words

SharePoint 2010

Getting better at regular expressions

Sup PSHomies?

So this regular expression thing has it’s advantages. ¬†Like many things practice makes perfect…

In the past whenever I saw regex I’d flat line… There wasn’t really a need to use it, select-string with a dash of ¬†-like, -contains, -split here and there, got me pretty far so why bother eh? 391 more words


MS: Find the owner of a file using PowerShell

We recently had to assist a user who lost a manually added drive mapping after her machine was reloaded. I found this useful command to tell me who the owner/creator of the files are on the server she claimed the files were stored on: 28 more words

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How to fix "Your account settings are out of date" in Windows 10 Universal Mail App

Recently I notices on my Windows 10 desktop that I have been using to test all the Windows 10 Insider Preview releases the Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar… 412 more words


Sort data using a custom list in PowerShell

Sometimes you might come across a situation where you’d like to sort a collection based on a custom list (similar to the feature available in Excel… 466 more words