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SCOM: Sample Maintenance Mode MP works on SCOM 2016

With all the great changes related to Maintenance Mode in SCOM 2016 you probably only miss the possibility to easily set Maintenance Mode on the agent without the need of knowing the PowerShell script details. 221 more words

Operations Manager

Replenishing the seed

This blog started off as a hobby and ended as a nightmare, perhaps my expectations were too much considering the fact that i am not Mark Russinovich or Carl Stalhood or any other ‘Geek’ God. 65 more words


Adding Application Name to Invoke-SqlCmd2

In a previous post, I expressed some frustration over Invoke-SqlCmd not setting an Application Name for its ODBC connection, leaving us with the generic .NET SqlClient Library when looking at active sessions in… 498 more words


Mathematics Tables through Powershell and Unix Shell


ForEach($i in 1..10)
ForEach($j in 1..10)
Write-Host -NoNewline $j*$i=$($i*$j)`t
Write-Host “”


PowerPlan, WMI, GUI and Windows Server 2012

Howdy !

If you try to configure the power plan settings of your servers using DSC, you might come into the below issue if you are using one of the following resource : xPowerPlan or cPowerPlan. 107 more words


PowerShell DSC Encryption issue


While working on a new setup, we had to deploy some binaries on a server using DSC.

To make the process scale for many machines, we created a network share to host the binaries in order to centralize the access. 315 more words