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Office365 Licensing Management Agent for Microsoft Identity Manager

Licensing for Office365 has always been a moving target for enterprise customers. Over the years I’ve implemented a plethora of solutions to keep licensing consistent with entitlement logic. 689 more words

Identity And Access Management

Check if the Server is pending reboot

I have used this Powershell script to validate if the server is pending a reboot or not. This script can be used to validate server pending reboot status on any other server within the network! 7 more words


How to Check/Get the list of all BizTalk Cumulative Updates installed in the machine with PowerShell

We cannot rely on documentation, if they exist, to be accurate, special regarding to the status of the machines present in the environment – I never found this kind of document that tell me what is installed on the machine, what are the updates (or CU) or service pack installed and so on… and regarding to BizTalk Server I do not remember another simple task like this, get or check the list of all BizTalk Cumulative Updates installed in your machine/environment, being so painful to perform! 447 more words


How to quickly recover from a FAILED AzureRM Virtual Machine using Powershell


I have a development sandpit in Azure which I use quite a lot to test and mess with different ideas and concepts. This week when shutting it down things didn’t go that smoothly. 403 more words

Azure Platform

PowerShell For Azure Websites

I was thinking of noting down few PowerShell commandlets, as I use them  on a day to day basis, either during  try and test or general practice purpose . 526 more words

Linux에 PowerShell docker를 올려서 사용하기

Linux에서 PowerShell을 사용하는 방법은
1) 직접 PowerShell 설치하기(현재 version 6 알파 버전)
2) Linux에 docker를 실행할 때 PowerShell 도커를 만들어서 실행

위의 동영상은 Powershell docker로 사용하는 경우다 18 more words