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2015 PowerShell Scripting Games have commenced!

The newly changed format to the games means that we will see a puzzle released by the guys over at PowerShell.org every month! I was up reading through forums last night and i saw Boe Prox post up the first puzzle. 613 more words


Enumerating over objects

Looping Through a Collection of Objects.

There are two ways of enumerating over objects. One may be considered easier than the other. Nevertheless the two ways are shown below. 41 more words


Exchange and Archive PST Blues

This may draw the ire of some big environment silo Exchange Admins, but our environment gets very little “administration”. Oh there’s patches done regularly, users added and removed, but that’s about it. 972 more words

Creating CSV files for use with Excel

CSV files

Working on a recent project, I was using PowerShell to manipulate a list of MS Word documents that I had to process. Reading other articles on the Internet, I realised how useful it would be if I could create a list of files of interest in a CSV file and import this into Microsoft Excel in the usual way. 79 more words


Using PowerShell to gather Disk Performance

So on Friday afternoon I was chatting with a colleague in regards to disk performance IOPS (mostly logical disk writing speeds) and we were thinking about making mind ‘alteringly’ cool PowerShell script we could make that would test your current hardware and gather all of the brand specific serial numbers/model names. 569 more words


Scripting Games July 2015 puzzle

Head over to http://powershell.org/wp/2015/07/04/2015-july-scripting-games-puzzle/ for our inaugural Scripting Games puzzle.

I’ll publish a solution at the end of the month


PowerShell oneliner contest

The pipeline in PowerShell offers an avenue to solve many issues with oneliners.
My fellow Windows PowerShell MVP Carlo Mancini proposed a very interesting and high quality… 369 more words