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Copy and delete folders in PowerShell excluding specific files

The following command first retrieves the content of a folder recursively with the Get-ChildItem cmdlet, and then through piping mechanism, if the contained item it’s not a sub-folder, it deletes it. 176 more words


Backup Blob to another Blob

Select-AzureSubscription “SubscriptionName”

# I am making a VHD backup – VHD blob to copy #
$blobName = “1436836594602.vhd”

# Source Storage Account Information #
$sourceStorageAccountName = “SomeName” 60 more words


Install all DSC Resources in a Repository

Something quick for Friday morning! Are you feeling enthusiastic about DSC? Do you want to update or install every DSC resource in a repository onto your computer? 136 more words


Skype for Business Backup Tool

First off I will admit that this is not ground breaking in terms of no one has done it before. I’ve ummmed and arrrrghhed about releasing this for some time as the backup script by Lasse Wedo is amazing and will do a great job. 2,192 more words


Create a Ticket in Autotask using Powershell

Once you have connected Powershell to Autotask (see my previous post for a howto), you can query, create and update everything that the API allows. 408 more words


A better QueryXML function for Autotask WebAPI

I was never happy with my previous QueryXML function. It had a hard limit on how many conditions you could use and there was no way to nest conditions. 606 more words