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Bike Drama: PowerTap P1 Pedals

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with what I like to call BIKE DRAMA (BD). BD is when something on your bike breaks or doesn’t work correctly when you least expect it. 637 more words


Can't Stop Dancing!

Hey! I’m back and ready! So let’s go! One of my favourite activities is dance. I love dancing because it is so fun! What kind of dance do you do?  120 more words


24 hours after new bike fitting

So yesterday, I had my fitting at FitWerx with Ian. So this post is after 24 hours after the fitting. It is pretty cold here but when I got up and saw the snow on the ground I was shocked.  403 more words

Tour of Sufferlandria 2017 Wrap Up

Even with my busy schedule I managed to start and finish the tour this year.  This is my 3rd time during the tour, as I got into Sufferfest training videos in the middle of the first Tour. 683 more words


Quick Update 

I keep this short but today’s is a new day and yesterday was history. My work has been busy with a lot more of changes. When I was walking to work I had to take this picture for those effective with change. 107 more words