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Unyielding Love - The Sweat of Augury

This particular album recently hit our radars, it is seriously good and it has also become a personal favorite. So i thought we should say some words about it. 251 more words


Wake - Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow

Wake is a five piece, grindcore band from Canada. ”Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow”, which was released on the 26th of February, is their third full length album. 164 more words



Deuxième déception de cette année 2016, avec un autre groupe que j’adore. WEEKEND NACHOS, grand nom américain de Powerviolence nous a sorti son nouvel album ( ils avaient pourtant annoncé leur split il y a un ou deux ans!). 490 more words



Country : France, Alès

Genre : Grind, Powerviolence

Song : There Is No End Of The Harvest

Album : The Process To Define The Shape Of Self-Loathing

Website : http://morguecult.bandcamp.com/


Junk Fuck Militia - Greatest Hits (Review)

Junk Fuck Militia are a Polish grindcore band. This is their latest album.

Junk Fuck Militia play grindcore with lashings of hardcore, powerviolence and sludge. This means that the songs play with different speeds, moods and textures according to the desires of the band. 232 more words



Country : Italy, Florence

Genre : Powerviolence … from the future

Song : Nobody Calls Me Chicken, Hill Valley Powerviolence, Biff Tannen Mosh, Clara Clayton You Are A Fuckin’ Bitch, Faster Than 88mph, DxOxCx… 9 more words


DENY THE CROSS Streaming New Album "Alpha Ghoul"

Powerviolence outfit Deny the Cross (Spazz, etc) have premiered their debut album, Alpha Ghoul, over at Noisey. The album is officially out this Friday, July 29, via Tankcrimes Records and can be purchased  27 more words