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So, I just offered my mini-reviews on a bunch of full-length albums that I’ve heard in the last few months that I just didn’t have the time to review in full. 1,979 more words


Full of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy (Review)

Full of Hell are a US grindcore band, and this is their fifth album, (or third, if you don’t count their collaborative ones).

Full of Hell play grindcore that’s both primitive and innovative. 321 more words


Oxidant: Deconstruct

Today’s post will be short and sweet, just like the record I’m talking about. Oxidant is a new powerviolence / Hardcore band from North Carolina. All I did find during a short search on the internet was that they have some ex No Comply members. 92 more words

Album Review

TEETHGRINDER - The Pain Exceeds The Fear (Official Video)

The dutch grindcore machine TEETHGRINDER released a new official music video for the “The Pain Exceeds The Fear” song, taken from their new album “Nihilism” 22 more words

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Review: OXIDANT - "Deconstruct"

It’s often that when a powerviolence band strings together a dozen tracks for an EP that it can feel rushed and non-sequential. This is most definitely not the case for Raleigh, North Carolina’s newest heavy hitters Oxidant. 438 more words


scything threshers harvest plastic babies: luke vollar on filthxcollins, rob lye, bbblood, posset & stuart chalmers

FILTHxCOLLINS – Demo 2017 (No label)

Rob Lye – Ink (Stairwell Editions)

BBBlood/Posset/Stuart Chalmers – Delirium Cutlet Impaste (Crow Versus Crow)


FILTHxCOLLINS – Demo 2017 (No label) … 1,137 more words

No Audience Underground

JESUS CROST - Die Tonmeisterei Sessions [2017]

JESUS CROST – Die Tonmeisterei Sessions

Grindcore / Powerviolence

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Official links:


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