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Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Gatecreeper, and Blame God @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 3/22/17

Last Wednesday, Nails played their NY date of their tour with Toxic Holocaust and Gatecreeper. The show was located at the Brooklyn venue Music Hall of Williamsburg. 836 more words

Simulant: Simulant

Grind and powerviolence are two genres that I like but have far to less knowledge off. I always feel that for some reason,I have no overview of things happening in that scene. 165 more words

Album Review

XRonnie O'SullivanX: 2017 tape

XRonnie O’SullivanX is the power violence, fast hardcore side project from some members of No Omega.

Musically I would situate them somewhere in the same  area as Chest pain, Mind eraser or Crossed out. 45 more words

Album Review

Album Review: Sex Prisoner - "Tannhauser Gate"

I’ll admit straight away that hardcore is really not my metal genre of choice. When compared with the sonic approach of death or black metal it speaks less to my tastes as a listener. 452 more words


Apartment  213 - Cleveland Powerviolence (2006)

I’m in a powerviolence rush. Cleveland outfit Apartment 213 is worth the extra attention. Not only does their 2014 (re-release) album feel like naked bodies being dragged over concrete at high speed, they also left space for noise with tracks like Lockweld: Infection and Freak War.


Punch times two. S/t.-pushpull

Punch is hardcore punk slash powerviolence slash a good dose of Idiots Parade. These are releases full of fastness, shrieks, screaming girl energy and at times too clean in production. 9 more words


Goolagoon - Life of Crime

Goolagoon’s Life of Crime is 8 tracks of premium powerviolence. A combination of Sex Prisoner and Infest. This is the raw stuff.