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SPAZZ's "Sweatin' 2: Deported Live Gorilla" To Be Reissued Through Tankcrimes Records, Remastered Tracks Streaming

Following their reissues of Sweatin’ To The Oldies and Sweatin’ 3: Skatin’, Satan & Katon from influential powerviolence trio Spazz, Tankcrimes Records have announced that the band’s… 211 more words


Limbs Bin - Bliss Tech (Review)

Limbs Bin is a one-man US grindcore/noise band. This is his second album.

Okay, well, this is gloriously fucked up. In under five minutes Bliss Tech reveals itself to be a chaotic and anarchic blend of powerviolence, electronics and digital hardcore. 125 more words


Quick Album Thoughts - 11/13/2016

So, after a wonderful, fun rant on SJWs in Black Metal, I say it’s time to lighten the mood a little with some album thoughts and recommendations. 250 more words

Minerva Superduty - Gorod Zero

During the end of the last decade something really interesting took place here in Greece. We’ re definitely living in interesting times but no, my introduction doesn’t have to do with the country’s economy. 516 more words


Breaking News: Nails Will Release a Split 7" With Full of Hell This December

After releasing what will probably be one of the greatest albums of 2016, “You Will Never Be One Of Us”, and quickly following that with a statement saying they would be going on an “extended hiatus”, Nails has now announced they will be releasing a split 7″ with Full of Hell on December 2nd.   134 more words

Unyielding Love - The Sweat Of Augury

Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories 

The problem with so much so-called extreme music today is that it doesn’t feel extreme anymore. Maybe more bands are playing it (comparatively) safe; maybe I’m just a desensitized, cynical bastard. 650 more words