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Interview with Dark Habits

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

Our band was formed between Matt Adamson our drummer and myself Lewis Glass our guitarist in January of this year (2017). 524 more words


Tell them your name is fuck you

I don’t even know what to call Sex Prisoner’s Tannhauser Gate because there are too many genres. grindcore, powerviolence… Ultimately who fucking cares, it’s the kind of brutal music you need when have to hate everything and everyone. 327 more words


BOYED - BOYED (self-titled)

Label: Vetala Productions

London-based Vetala Productions have been (not-so) quietly putting out some of the better records to be found in the underground in recent times, with releases from the like of… 283 more words


Random Recs | Throat Breach

You ever hear something so ruthless and horrifying that it sets a whole new standard for you when it comes to anything raw and ugly? Something that makes everything you’ve heard before it of it’s particular variety seem tame and feeble? 585 more words


Hello Bastards / Herida Profunda - Split

Label: 783 Punx

There’s a lot of shit to get depressed about these days. Each morning seems to bring some new disaster on the news, and the world is turning in to an ever-more hostile place for those who are minority groups. 421 more words


Review: UNDER A SKY SO BLUE - "The Spectacle Provides"

So…I had some goddamn medical mystery awesomeness and laid low like motherfucker because I HAD A STROKE! I did a quick review last time and that took me for-fucking-ever because it affected my fine motor skills on my right side. 490 more words


GxFxFx-Demo 2017 Review

Green Friends Forever or GxFxFx are a three piece Goregrind/ Grindcore band formed by Daigo of Japanese Goregrinders Go-Zen after meeting Jharrod, their vocalist, at a Grindcore show. 217 more words