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BCM P & Q: Jam Filled Sandwich Cookies

Perfect for back-to-school lunch boxes! Or eating from the cooling rack. ;-)

What do you need to know?


BWJ P&Q: Brioche Tart with White Secret Sauce

This sounds like it will go well with late summer fruit.  Any questions or advice?  Here’s a video of the episode.


PéquisteFest 2015 : Edition "Mariage Royal"

Je m’étais dit que je n’écrirais pas là-dessus. Que le mariage de Pierre-Karl n’en valait pas la peine. Que rien de positif ne pourrait ressortir du temps que j’investirais à vomir sur l’union de ces deux influents tourtereaux. 1,142 more words

Julie Snyder

BCM P & Q: Bubble Eclairs

Have you heard of this before? Do you have a hint? Need a question answered? Do it here!


BWJ P&Q: Pita Breads

We made this dough before (about two years ago) to do Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas but we didn’t do the basic pitas.  Now’s our chance!

Any questions or advice?  7 more words


BCM P & Q: Cherry Crumb Tart

Any good hints for pitting cherries? Anything you want to know? Here’s where to find the help!


BWJ P&Q: Miniature Florentine Squares and/or Glazed Mini-Rounds

Time for a petits fours party! Any questions or advice?

There’s a video of the episode to help.