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St Jerome is more than just another by-election

By Chelsea Craig.
Featured image via Canadian Press.

A high stakes provincial by-election in St-Jerome, Quebec will be called in the fall and a CAQ win could hint at potential electoral ruin for the PQ in 2018. 1,461 more words


BCM: P & Q Cornmeal & Berry Cakes and Summer Market Galette

Have you made either?  What do you need to know?  How can we help?  Here’s where you ask!


P.Q. & C.Q. vs. I.Q.

I recently read the article by Thomas L. Friedman entitled It’s P.Q. and C.Q. as Much as I.Q. and I cannot say that I completely agree with this ideas about how the Great Recession was started and the ideas he presented about how to continue the progress to come out of the Great Recession. 241 more words

Active Learning

BWJ P&Q: Pizzelle/Tuiles

Here’s the place to leave questions, comments or advice on both of this month’s recipes.

There’s a video showing the tuiles, and another showing the pizzelle.


Why the PQ isn't so eager to celebrate the Brexit vote: Martin Patriquin

Worth reading – some uncomfortable truths by Patriquin:

First, there’s history. Britain has long been the subject of fevered nationalist nightmares, and the antagonist in Quebec’s narrative of subjugation and suffering.

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