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Working Girl After Hours: A Home Tour

Welcome to my home, dear readers! After months and months of scouring Ikea and landing great deals on a few thrifted finds, I finally feel like my apartment has become a home. 325 more words

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Social Media, meet PR

Why is social media relevant to PR?

PR involves many different aspects, among which one is very key: two-way communication. Social media is exactly that: two-way communication plus it is free. 906 more words


Emotionally intelligent during negotiation? Let's talk about that!

“Imagine you’re handling the biggest negotiation of your life – say, peace in the Middle East.  You need to leave emotions out of it, right? You can’t” 382 more words

How can culture affect negotiation? Let's talk about that!

“Negotiation is probably as old as mankind itself and was born out of Homo Sapiens’ early struggles for survival and dominance.” (Richard Lewis Communications)

Negotiation is a consultation that exchanges views or reaching a consensus. 475 more words

Hello, Working Girl: Kate Marlys of Philly PR Girl

Meet Kate Marlys, founder of Philly PR Girl, a PR firm that specialized in publicizing high profile events, brands and businesses. Learn more about how Kate took the initial plunge into PR entrepreneurship below, as well as how she keeps her workflow streamlined and organized throughout the week.   563 more words

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Working Girl How-To: Work from Home Efficiently

If you ever have to work from home (in your career or as a student), you probably understand the many distractions that can take away from you getting your job done. 366 more words

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Crisis: NYPD creates hashtag, #myNYPD

Social media is a tool that many companies and organizations use to create a two-way dialogue between them and the public. The problem with this, is that people are unpredictable: saying anything and everything that they please….even if it is not in the best interest of the organization. 767 more words

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