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5 Things I've Learned about PR Blogging

It feels as though I’ve been blogging forever, but believe it or not it’s actually only been a year or so since I started blogging on  1,901 more words


From Family to Freedom


Although this isn’t a big celebrity PR scandal like I’ve blogged about in the past, this was a big moment in the world of many… 431 more words

One Person's Fashion Statement is Another Person's Reality

Another day, another Kardashian  Jenner controversy.


This time it was the baby of the family, Kylie Jenner, making messy headlines. In late 2015, Jenner was the center of many complaints when she posed in a golden wheelchair in the December issue of Interview magazine. 388 more words

The Downside of Disney


Didn’t you hear? You can’t pass through your Disney career days without having at least one major PR scandal. For Demi Lovato, star of Disney’s Camp Rock series, her scandal came in 2010. 570 more words

Public Relations

She Came in Like a Wrecking Ball


It was the trainwreck no one could take their eyes off of. A once wholesome family icon was shedding her skin in more ways than one. 417 more words

Look What You Made Her Do


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, you might be familiar with the rocky relationship of Kanye West and Taylor Swift. 486 more words

Keeping Up With the Kontraversy


Last April, the Pepsi company posted a new Ad on Youtube for their “Moments” campaign. This Ad showcased a group of joyful protestors and reality star Kendall Jenner. 367 more words