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I’ll be using this blog for my Com 309 PR class this semester, so that is the content you’ll be seeing here for the next 14 weeks or so. 18 more words

Menswear Trend 2016| London Fashion week| Swade Collection

London Fashion Week trends that Swade got covered in SS2016.

Fashion culture have started moving over into menswear in big way now, mostly because of rise of internet that h… 749 more words

PR Blog

Music Industry in India: Rise and effect of internet user.

Unlike western music industry Indian music industry is directly dependent on the Movie industry like Bollywood and Tollywood as the majority work in music is done and featured in the movies. 308 more words

PR Blog

Employer Testimonials

Through the completion of work placements, internships and freelance projects, here are a few of my professional testimonials as completed by employers in the industry: 183 more words

News & Feature Module: Poverty in the UK

13 Million People Living Below The Poverty Line In The UK

1st December 2014 

Image Credit: YouElect

There are a reported 13 million people in the UK living below the poverty line. 595 more words

News & Feature Module: Family House Fire

“An Electrical Fire Destroyed Our Loving-Family Home and Left Us Homeless”

A family from Yardley were left homeless when a serve fire destroyed their house in September last year. 451 more words

News & Feature Module: Use-By-Dates

Are Birmingham Brainwashed by Use-By-Dates?

Every year in the UK 18 million tonnes of food end up in landfill but how much of that food waste is still edible to consume? 438 more words