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What is technical communication and why is it so important in a public relations field?

Before going into my tech. comm. class I really didn’t give much thought into what technical communications was. I thought it was going to be a class about effective communication strategies using technology — I mean this makes sense right? 636 more words

Character Sketch: Me

I think on some level, every person feels un-miraculous. So, keeping this in mind, where do I begin? How do I tell you the bland oatmeal that is my story without sucking the life out of you? 528 more words


Uber in crisis

#DeleteUber is a social media campaign encouraging people to delete the Uber app and their accounts with their company. This campaign started during the mass protests against President Trump’s Executive Order which called for a ban of citizens from certain Muslim countries from entering the country. 500 more words

Not a Single Penny Spent

During the 2014 Super Bowl JCPenney did something that no one was expecting

Every Idea Counts, Even Misspelled Ones

With no commercial at the Super Bowl, with a small budget, not very much time to prepare and a product to promote the JCPenney’s creative team had an idea that most people would not even consider and run with it. 267 more words

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Trying something new - Tube 200

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve always had a burning desire to do something different with it. I entertained the idea of doing a weekly review of some of the major issues of the week and what they meant, however, drafting this proved difficult. 163 more words

On diversity in PR

I think this must be the blog post I’ve struggled with the most to draft. This is not only because of the subject matter but also because I’m actually addressing my own views on the issue. 499 more words

The First to Jump off Bridge

How much do you believe in what you are selling? Are you willing to be the first one to prove that your product works? Are you willing to be the first one in the group to jump off the bridge? 368 more words

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