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Was Removing the “Quiet Wadhwa” Episode a #PRFail?

‘Women in tech’ is a hot topic that has focused a lot of attention on Silicon Valley and women in leadership roles, especially as of late. 451 more words

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Protests Take Over the Nation

This fail is coming in light of serious need of social change in the US. This past week a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who was caught on tape choking a New York City man to death. 210 more words


When PR isn’t enough

PR cannot overcome things that shouldn’t have been done.” Harold Burson

PR can achieve many things. It can increase sales, repair a damaged reputation, and establish credibility. 306 more words

Public Relations

Uber and Spotify Join Forces to Combat PR Crises

The ride sharing company Uber recently announced a partnership with the online music-streaming service Spotify. With this partnership, Spotify Premium users taking an Über ride will be able to play their music through Spotify in the requested Uber car. 507 more words

über And Spotify

Another Latin American President digs himself a hole

The Mexican government was not amused by the Uruguayan President’s recent remarks.  In the Latin American edition of Foreign Affairs magazine, President Mujica said of Mexico: “It gives one the sense, seen from a distance, that this is a kind of failed state, in which public authorities have completely lost control.” In case there was any doubt, he went on to say that Mexico was infested or rotten with corruption.   156 more words


This Week in Patronizing Articles: Teaching Women About Sports

This week we can thank Men’s Health Magazine for giving us a great PR fail to discuss. So the magazine recently published an article giving the 411 on how to explain sports to women. 169 more words


Vancouver Sun, are you for real?

The Vancouver Sun is facing some much-deserved outrage today after they posted a photo of Vancouver Canuck prospect, Jordan Subban, calling him “the dark guy in the middle” in a caption. 162 more words