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10 Horrible PR Personalities

One bad apple spoils the whole barrel, or so says the proverb.

PR will always have bad types, but how do you avoid being poisoned by one? 89 more words


3 ways Yanis Varoufakis failed as a leader

I’m delighted that PR Daily published my opinion piece on Yanis Varoufakis, the problems of his leadership and questionable management of his reputation while Minister of Finance for the Government of Greece. 11 more words


PR Fail: USPS Uses Children's Author Quote on Maya Angelou Memorial Stamp

On Tuesday, the United States Postal Service revealed its new stamp honoring the memory of Maya Angelou, an influential poet and cultural icon. Along with Angelou’s portrait, the stamp features a quote that reads: 408 more words

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Starbucks' PR Tail Spin

As a student studying Corporate Communications and Public Relations, the recent PR tailspin that Starbucks found themselves in last week appeared on my radar. Coffee… 366 more words

Was Removing the “Quiet Wadhwa” Episode a #PRFail?

‘Women in tech’ is a hot topic that has focused a lot of attention on Silicon Valley and women in leadership roles, especially as of late. 451 more words

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Protests Take Over the Nation

This fail is coming in light of serious need of social change in the US. This past week a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who was caught on tape choking a New York City man to death. 210 more words


When PR isn’t enough

PR cannot overcome things that shouldn’t have been done.” Harold Burson

PR can achieve many things. It can increase sales, repair a damaged reputation, and establish credibility. 306 more words

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