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The power of celebrity endorsement in Fashion PR

Yesterday, I’ve attended the Fashion PR class to see their final presentation about fashion brands’ new collection launch campaigns. During all their pitches, I found that almost every campaign has used celebrity endorsement as one of their tactics, such as famous fashion bloggers, movie stars and fashion icons. 425 more words

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Why women make up 63 per cent of PR industry but only 13 per cent were board directors ?

According to PRCA Census 2013, women significantly outnumber men in the whole PR industry (63 per cent female), but are massively outnumbered when it comes to board level gigs (29 per cent male/13 per cent female) and commsunication director jobs ( 517 more words

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Innocent proves good CRM(Cause-related Marketing) can help to build brand reputation

Have you noticed that more and more people are talking about the lovely hats on Innocent Smoothie recently. Many of my friends who had bought Innocent with knit hats post photos in their Wechat Moment and others who haven’t got it will express their admiration in the comments. 348 more words

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Chen He confirms divorce ! --- How to manage an entertainment industry crisis ?

Last week, Chen He, the Chinese famous actor who was known as a good husband confirmed divorce with his wife Xu Jing. The pair knew each other in junior high school and married in 2013 after 13 years of dating. 518 more words

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IMC: A Bigger Strategy for PR Practitioners

We’ve been engaging the discussion about relationships between PR and Marketing for a long time. I also asked myself this question when I worked as a pr intern but did some marketing work in the PR agency.   469 more words

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Police Communicating for Public Trust

In recent times there is major tension between the public and the police in many American cities. The police brutality in these cities has been given the limelight it deserves. 294 more words

Should the Lobbying Industry be Banned?

Today, we had a debate about whether the lobbying industry should be banned in class of the my Public Relations MA course at University of Westminster. 735 more words